Sunday, July 6, 2008


It's official, we have missionaries in the field!

Well almost.

Technically Rick and Anne McClelland are still in the Mission Training Center. It sounds like they pretty much checked in and were assigned as district leaders... but that's what you do when you have as much leadership experience as these two. I believe they depart for Moscow, Russia during this week, where they will preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, teach english as a second language (which will be interesting since they don't know much Russian) and will possible open a family history center.

I'm sure they are going to be a huge asset in progressing the work of the Lord...

Russia's not going to know what hit em.

Love you guys!


@my said...

lovin the title of this post! I so love the mc:)fam!

Jesse Edwards said...

how fun!!! My sis is in Samara Russia! I'm sure they are going to take Russia by storm!

Dustin & Jenn Hamann said...

They arrived Monday night our time and Tuesday morning in Russia. I have emailed them more than once a day, just with annoying little packing and storage or random questions, so it just seems like when I lived in Utah and didn't see them daily. I am excited to hear their first few times trying to talk to strangers and buy food. I would love to be a fly on the wall! That would be a good and nice way.
Jenni from the hood

Alison said...

"McMissionaries".... LOL you are so funny!