Friday, September 5, 2008

Acrylic Halloween Scrapbook Album

Every year I *think* about making a haunted house scrapbook album for Halloween, but I never find the time, and before I know it, Halloween is over and done. This morning I have a bit of time and decided to get started.

I am so excited! I'll be using my bed and breakfast acrylic album. Haven't decided if I'm going to sell this one or just keep it for myself. I'll post pictures of the finished project as soon as it's complete.


Jesse Edwards said...

I will totally have me time with you!!! how fun! and I am thinking we should get a group of twilight addicts together to go see the movie!!! Like me, you, Sara, etc!

Amber H. said...

It is such a great idea. I hope you do make it so I can see! I'll be scrappy and creative vicariously through you! LOL!