Monday, September 8, 2008

The Calm - About My dream

Last night Andy and I watched a movie called Cinderella man. It was a really good movie about James Braddock, a boxer during the great depression.

Perhaps as a result of this movie, I had an unusual dream last night. (I was at work, which is strange because I don't have a job.) The building was about the size of a car dealership showroom. I say car dealership because the walls on the front of the building were made of glass, like you see at a dealership.

I was talking to a friend and co-worker and we were pretty excited because a big storm was rolling in. All of a sudden my dad was there. He was very happy to see me, and kept hugging me and telling me he loved me. Then we went outside together to secure my car for the storm. There were high winds and dark clouds billowing in. Everyone was opening their car doors and putting the windows down, that was suppose to make the cars safer in the storm... I have no idea if that's true or not.

In my dream we opened all the car doors, and then the storm was getting really close so we ran inside. As soon as we got inside I turned and looked out the window and the sky was suddenly clear. Not clear like a bright sunny day, but clear like it looks right after a big storm, or when a storm seems to break for a bit.

I remember kind of feeling like, "That's it? Well, that was easy," and my dad in a serious tone saying, "this is the calm before the storm, it hasn't even started yet... we haven't seen anything yet."

I woke up calm, but feeling like a storm is coming. Like this is the calm before the storm, and like maybe the great depression was nothing compared to what's to come.

Nothing like a little dooms day in the morning, right? But really it wasn't like that. I wasn't like the storm is here now, more like a premonition that I should be prepare myself for what's coming. The Bible does promise seven years of famine. The great depression started in Oct 1929, and bottomed out in 1933. It took quite a few years longer (1949) for the economy (ie. stock market) to recover and surpass 1929. The great depression bottomed out in less than 4 years. A seven year famine... That's kind of a little scary to think about.

Especially when one is as bad a gardener as I am...


The Moyers said...

Love your dream. I am in the same boat when it comes to gardening, even worse when it comes to canning and storing the few fruits of my labor!!

mandbrid said...

WOW Cam...I'm totally scared now. THanks! Luckily our new landlords left us a garden...

odiesgirl said...

I have a love hate relatiohship with my dreams when they are like that. But I would sincerely, take it to heart. There is a reason that we are given blessing of gifts such as personal revelation... even if a movie is what "seems" to trigger it.