Monday, September 15, 2008

Rowdy Products - New bags!

Oh Yummy!

Rowdy products just revealed some of their new bags at the Las Vegas Baby show. I can't wait for more pictures!

So I tried to steal the pictures off my sister in law's blog, but it didn't work. You'll have to check them out here.

Be careful... your palms might get a bit clammy, and your wallet will begin to spontaneously splurge it's money.


Jesse Edwards said...

yeah! these are so cute!!!

Damaris said... wallet kinda has a life of it's own....I have told her to stay put...but just like the independent woman she is...she tends to do her own thing, walk to her own tune...YUP...I actually see her dancing salsa with one of those bags. LOL.
Thanks for your kind words. God is good ALL THE TIME, and healing comes slowly but surely. By the way, soooo will be posting THAT BEAUTIFUL album of yours on my blog sometime this week. (promise to let you know).

Craig and Stacy said...

just so you know.. I ahd a blast Saturday and I am glad your flood didn't keep you away. i also wanted to thank you for your music on your blog, I just open your blog and listen to it instead of making my own ;) love ya Stacy

kat said...

ahhhhh.....i love this post....your the best! seriously.

Mowers Family said...


This is Tamara Mowers, a friend of Amber Halversen. She sent me your message about the "Birds". I can't say, "thank you" enough for the message and the spirit that accopanies it. Thank you for sharing such a sweet and sacred message with so many.

I hope you don't mind if I add you link on my blog and check in with your sweet family from time to time. I love to learn from people and their experience and feel of their sweet spirits. YOu guys are truly amazing. Does Brian still recall the incident? What a sweet soul he is!

Thanks, again for sharing.

Wow, your haunted house is AWESOME. It look large how big is it? Good luck. I am sure it will sell fast and well. I would buy it if I was crafty..!