Thursday, September 4, 2008

Losing weight. Slowly...

I'm not there yet, but I do feel like I've made a dent.

Where I started.

These before pictures were taken in the end of May 2008. I was one month post-pardom after a difficult and life changing pregnancy that ended in still birth at 24 weeks. I weighed about 153 lbs, and was completely out of shape after practically being confined to bed for the term of my pregnancy. I was about a size 12 - 14.

Here is my current picture. Now I am well aware that the... um, decrease in my cup size, probably accounts for a good portion of my weight loss, so no need to comment on that little aspect.

Again, before picture - side view.Current picture side view.
Now I'm at about 140 lbs. I am currently, and frustratingly, about 7 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight. I am in the best aerobic shape of my life. I am running 3.2 miles and doing about 90 crunches a day. Physically I feel great. Visually, I'm not really satisfied with what I see. I am happy with the results I've achieved, I guess I just expected more, faster, with less effort because, 1. I wasn't pregnant for 9 months, just 6 months, and 2. I don't have a baby so I'm getting my sleep, and I have time to exercise. I just always assumed it took me 9 months to lose the pregnancy weight in the past because my body was hanging onto it because I was breastfeeding, and always exhausted so I couldn't exercise.

So now, here I am. About 7 lbs over pre-pregnancy weight and in a size 8/10. Frustrated, because I was a size 4, and 7 lbs should not equal 2-3 dress sizes. I know I'll eventually be there, and maybe even in better shape than I was pre-pregnancy, but for now I'm growing impatient.

To top it off, Baskin Robbins just emailed me and asked me to join the 2008 flavor debate.

Tempting but no...


Alison said...

You look so awesome, BIG DIFFERENCES... Tiny chest!!! HAHA I can say that because mine are practically non-existant since I've lost weight, 20lbs to date and I swear I have a chest like a teenage boy. I am so super proud of you, we're so 'fit' lol. Definately think you need to get that fine looking but on an aeroplane to come see me and get some Aussie sunshine! Love you tons!

A-me said...

You look stinking amazing!!!!

Carol said...

You look GREAT!!!!!!! You can see very noticeable differences between the pictures. The hard work is absolutely paying off. :)

Jesse Edwards said...

you look FANTASTIC!!! I wish I looked like you!