Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I downloaded my pictures tonight and realized it's been a while.. and a lot has been happening.. This post is all about catching up.

Two weekends ago we took the family and participated in the Boise MS walk. It was a really nice experience. I think children are pretty oblivious to the suffering a lot of people have to go through (as they should be) so it's nice to be able to introduce them to challenges and hardships in a situation where you can also say that our efforts will help.

The MS walk went through the Boise Zoo, and past a new Safari exhibit. The kids were enthralled with the Giraffes. But what I'm wondering is, "hey... what everyone looking at?" Cause, seriously.. there was nothing over there.

This is one of my neighbors. He's a nice guy, but I can't help posting an anonymous picture of him using his grass trimmer to hack dandelions out of the center of his lawn. This guy provides a great deal of humor for me all summer long.

Last Friday was Vincents birth/death 1 year anniversary. We picked up some beautiful hydrangea blossoms, ranunculus (white, rose-like flower), and red rose sprays to take to his grave at the cemetery.

When we got there the sprinklers were on over his grave site.

So we waited...

While we waited we decided to drive up to the lookout at the veterans cemetery. The view is very pretty, and windy.

We waited and waited and waited for the sprinklers to turn off. After an hour and a half we gave up. Andy and Noah held two of the sprinklers in place while I dodged two more sprinklers to put the flowers we had brought on his grave. Then we stood by the side of the road watching the flowers get sprayed down by the sprinkler.

Pretty disappointing for his first anniversary. I had gone to the cemetery the Sunday before and spend hours writing in my journal so I felt okay. I had my time to meditate, and contemplate, and come to terms with how much time had passed.

Honestly, I'm doing okay. There were a few days where I considered self medicating and going back on anti-depressants, but I didn't. To be perfectly honest, dealing with Vincents birthday has been much easier than I had anticipated. I seem to be having pretty good mood swings. I'll feel really really great, and then I'll crash and burn for a bit, but I'm having mostly ups now.

Last Saturday Noah had his first "1 mile fun run." There was road construction and parking was a bit of a mess, so we got there about 5 minutes late, and the run had already started. We had no idea where he was suppose to go, but luckily there was a guy there telling all the kids to just start and join in the run.. so off Noah goes.. for about 1/10 mile.. then he gets to all the cheering fans and is handed his medal amidst claps on the back and calls of congratulations.


So next year I guess we'll be on time.

On Sunday we drove out to my parents house. While we were there the coolest thing happened. My parents home teachers came by.

Now who do you suppose could have everyone captivated like this with a religious lesson??

I'll give you a hint...

Neil Decker. Who else.

For those of you who don't know, Neil taught LDS Seminary for something like 100 years.. Seriously. Oh, and he's the king of object lessons. He didn't know we were going to be there. He brings object lessons with him just for my parents. It completely warmed my heart to see him teaching my little children.

And this next picture is here for one reason, and one reason only.

To say that Ali's right.


Ali said...

So am I right about you being BEAUTIFUL or that curls are more friendly. Either way you're gorgeous and I love you and I wouldn't change you one little bit!

Camille said...

You're right to imply i shouldn't mess with a good profile picture. :) Love you, especially your honesty.

Emi said...

Wow, the MS Walk huh? Cool. I think I know someone with that disease. or something. Sorry about the visit with Vincent, but I'm glad to hear you are healing. and Decker! LOL! I forgot about that dude.

Emi said...

OH, yeah, and Ali is right, you do have the same digital camera as me...

mandbrid said...

WOW - you look gorgeous in that photo!

Damaris said...

Great catching up. So glad you are doing OK. So sorry about the visit & the sprinklers...shouldn't they know better? Love the picture of YOU!!! You are one beautiful woman LADY!!!

Amanda said...

Sorry I didn't make the MS fundraiser. Hope my 2.5 million dollar donation helped. I have a friend with MS. She's awesome n stuff.

So sorry about the sprinklers. What a bummer.

Lol @ Noah's 1/10 mile fun run. That's my kinda run.

I'm considering a move to Eagle just in hopes of getting Decker as a home teacher. That would be sweet.