Friday, April 17, 2009

Do you have Pet Insurance?

I know. Silly huh?

Who would have thought we'd come to a time that medical costs for our pets would become so high that it would be necessary to have pet insurance.

Most people, when they hear there is such a thing as pet insurance, still have a little chuckle.

But the reality is, money is getting tight for most Americans. If something happened to your dog or cat, most people are faced with two choices, take on substantial debt to pay for the medical cost necessary to save the pets life, or two have the pet put to sleep. Heartbreaking. Especially when pet insurance starts as low as $19/month.

If you love your pets. If the idea of putting him or her to sleep if they developed a curable, but expensive, condition is unthinkable and unacceptable. If you think pets are people too...

Then you should check out Pet's Best. The owner of the company founded the pet insurance industry back in the 70's. He was a Veterinarian and he was tired of putting down a family's pet because they could not afford medical treatment.

Call, 1-866-929-3807, ask for Andy. He's been with the company for a while and really knows his stuff, not to mention all the awards he gets for his customer service... Or you can get an online quote here.

Once your pet has already gotten sick, it's usually to late to insure them.

Yeah, it's my sales pitch for the day. Why am I bothering?

Well first off, Andy's my husband.

Secondly, I've had several friends who had to put their pets down recently, and all I could think is, "my husband sells pet insurance... I wish I would have told them about it earlier... but I didn't because it sounded like a sale pitch." And after they have already lost their dog, or have told me their dog is sick and they are going to have to put him down, it would be incredibly insensitive for me to say, "Well, it's too bad you didn't have pet insurance!"... not to mention it would already be to late for pet insurance to help.

So, if you refer to your pet as your "babies"...

If you're pet is a pure breed that cost a pretty penny and you'd like protect your investment....

If you think it's inhumane to put down your pet if he develops something like a Ligament tear ($2600)... pancreatitis ($3200)... or cancer ($2500+)... etc..

At least look into Pet's best. (Oh, and make sure you ask for Andy, or put his name in the Promo code box on the online quote tool. He really is the best.)


Emi said...

Hello Andy,

Is it too late to insure my pet? He has a incurable form of a very rare disease which he contracted from me called Strepoccocus Awesome.

Camille said...

Streppoccocus Awesome is one of those "lottery" diseases. Getting it is like the lottery... for starters the odds are 1:62,450,000. It's also like the lottery because everyone would like to contract the disease. Unfortunately for the main population, you have to live with someone who has the disease in order to have enough exposure to contract it, and even then the chances are only 1:352. Since people (and animals) who have "StrepAwe" are awesome and usually very likable they generally do not end up in shelters or homeless situations.

StrepAwe is actually a very desirable disease and qualifies your pet for a "special" discounted rate starting at $19 a month! Congratulations!

Emi said...

why thank you,
I was formerly in a "homeless shelter" situation myself, and can attest that no animal deserves that, Awesome or not. And as, you can see, living with Awesome Emi has given me the knowlege and education enough to read the blogs of her friends, as well as comment on them.


Damaris said...

YOu are a TRIP!!!! I do not have pets, but I swear if I did, I would so be calling Mr. Andy.