Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Egg Wars... It's all about winning.

On Saturday our neighborhood had it's annual Easter egg hunt.

It's a blast, and really popular in the neighborhood. The sidewalk was lined like this almost all the way around the park.

The spoils...

On Sunday, we have church Bright and Early at 8:00am. yeah.

So after church we stopped at the park to take some pictures. The family ones didn't turn out very well because the kids where so busy watching the camera timer flash that they usually forgot all about smiling.


It has been brought to my attention by my husband and my sister in law, that apparently, "Egg Wars" is a Serra thing. And that not everyone does it.

Dude, what?

If you are not sitting down on Easter afternoon, with your family, and your hoard of personalized dyed eggs so you can smash them together and see who comes out unscathed.. well then... You are totally missing out on the whole point of hard boiled eggs.

With that said, let me introduce you to my leeeetle friend.

Who is ready to forgeeet himself and go to battle!

This is the path of destruction he carved. Enlarge the picture if you must, but use good judgement, the carnage may be too much for your eyes to behold.

Children may run screaming from the room.

Here's how it works.

Hard Boil your eggs. My favorite way. Put the eggs in the water, heat the water to a good strong boil, cover, turn off the heat and remove the pot from the heat. Set the timer for 15 minutes. After the "egg" timer goes off, drain the hot water and add cool water to the pot.

After the eggs have cooled use a wax crayon or a paint marker to write your name on the egg. Then dye the egg.

Next, Get together with your family, after dinner but before dessert. (This is because the kids who did not eat their dinner and bound to be hungry and the eggs look tasty.. so they end up eating something before they are filled with sugar... well okay, MORE sugar.)

You get one of your eggs, and you challenge someone close by to an egg war. You each hold one egg and smack them together, end to end. Whoever is holding the unbroken egg wins and goes on to challenge someone else. The loser get a second change with the other side of their egg. You keep going till only one person is left with an unbroken egg, and they are the winner.

Seriously. Doesn't that sound like fun?

That's how you play...unless you are underhanded and sly, and you know that sometimes in war ethics and integrity have no place. And sometimes winning is important no matter the price.

Then you prepare your egg like this:

Make a small hole in the shell and drain the egg. Rinse inside and let dry.

Next prepare plaster of Paris, pour into egg, and let dry.

Use sandpaper to smooth out the dried plaster. Seal the plaster, and dye the egg.

I freaking rock at egg wars. (BTW, the cracks are only drawn on... to intimidate the other eggs.)

Noah totally wanted to rat me out. He wanted to be a double agent. I bribed him to keep quiet by promising to make him a plaster egg next year.

The family did figure out my little secret... when they tried to make me eat my egg.

Then we went outside for a (plastic) Easter egg hunt and pictures.

This is Emily and my grandma

Sariah and Grandma


Justin and Cruz

Alex... entertaining the kids with his Kangaroo whip.

All the Single Ladies... All the Single Ladies....


Seriously. He's a third grader. And that makes him cool. (Do you like the shoes?)

Sariah. Yes, she's single. NO YOU MAY NOT HAVE HER PHONE NUMBER.

Jennica and Johnny. Jennica loves her little nephew so much. She loves to play babysitter.

The lovely Courtney...

Trying to get her husband out of the tree.


Cruz. He totally had a bite of food in his mouth.

We tried to take a picture of all the children.... Here's what happened.

Here's what we ended up with.


Ali said...

Egg Wars huh... you cheater! Sounds like fun, but I haven't heard of it before. The pics are great. Dang you Serra people are all so darn good looking! That many good genes should not be allowed in one family. Then look what happens when you mix Serra genes with Kat's, Cruz is one handsome little fellow. Anyway, glad to hear you had so much fun at Easter, wish I could have been there (to whoop your butt at egg wars) maybe next year xox

Melanie: said...

So because of Aunt Edithe, we have always done the Egg Wars as far back as I can remember. I even started doing this with my husband's family. It's a smash (pardon the pun) hit.
Thank you for posting pictures - Aunt Edithe looks fabulous! I miss her so much. Please give her a big hug and kiss for me!

AMY said...

how fun!!! loved all the pictures...your lil ones are growing up so fast!

Damaris said...

wHAT GREAT FUN IS to be had with you Ms. C. You are too much fun chicks!!! Your kids are beautiful. So glad you had a great Easter.

Amber H. said...

I love that the dog keeps running in and out of the picture too, as if it wasn't crazy enough! Don't you love trying to get group pictures...especially when little ones are involved! I'm glad you guys had a great Easter!

BigTex.in.Idaho said...

She tries really hard to make it sound all fun and innocent. It really was just a malicious gesture toward domination of the fun family tradition of egg wars.

Emi said...

yeah ok ursula

Amanda said...

You little cheater! How many years have you been cheating at egg wars? If you were my sister I'd be so mad at you.

And who kept you up so freaking late the night before Easter and 8 am church? I hope she feels really guilty.

A-me said...

easter is a week late in this house.

i'm going to be bringing egg wars (minus camille's brilliant sneakiness) to this household, thanks! :)

oh and I love that I'm listening to "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" on your blog... song from High School. Person from High School. Classic.