Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Want to Join a Great Scrapbook Design Team?

In June of 2006 I started an scrapbook design team for the purpose of bringing together really excellent, talented, scrapbook designers who wanted to sell their work for profit.

At the time, the different sales venues were overloaded with premade scrapbook pages and paper piecing. Some were very good, but most were so poorly made, they were not worth the value of the products used to create them. It was difficult, and time consuming for anyone who wanted to buy ready made pages to sort through and find things they liked.

So I decided to start a design group. The purpose of the design group was two fold.

1. To better market and promote our designs.
2. To increase sales by making it easier for buyers to find really great premade scrapbooks, page layouts, altered items, and paper piecing.

At the time, I wasn't sure the group would work out. The concept was sound, but would anyone want to join my group and follow me?

Well, it was very successful. Here we are almost three years later. The group is still around, still growing, still successfully selling. The members are amazing. Some of our current and previous members have such things on their scrapbook resume as The Maya Road Design Team, published in Basic Grey's Newsletters, published in various scrapbooking magazines, scrapbook instructors for local scrapbook stores, Chatterbox "Make it Meaningful" contest winners... and much more. These scrapbookers are simply amazing. I felt blessed to be among them and I was in no way one of the best designers.

I am no longer selling for the group. I left for personal reasons about a year ago. I went through some difficult situations and I just couldn't get focused and it was no longer enjoyable. Since then I have started to scrapbook a bit but I have had a hard time scrapbooking with any consistence.

Anyway, I left the group in the very capable hands of my good friend Tammy. I got an email from Tammy the other day. The group is recruiting for new members.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who loves scrapbooking and would like to earn extra money. The group in an online group, so application is open worldwide. I wish anyone who would like to apply the best of luck.

Pocket Full of Papers - PFOP.
A scrapbook design team.
Selling on eBay, ETSY, and personal websites since 2006.


Kristi M. said...

LOVE this group! LOVE the people that are behind it. LOVED my experience on it. Would not have traded the experience for anything. I learned so much and had so much fun. I love keep tabs on their current listed items. So fantastic!

Amanda said...

That's really cool. What a great idea.

Tammy said...

We really miss all the girls that left ~ it's a little quieter now ;-), but we're still having LOTS of FUN and learning more each day. We're happy to have two new members, both seasoned scrappers who were in other selling groups. They joined just before the recruit call went out and we are still looking...

Thanks for your great post Cam ~ and for starting such a fantastic group!!

Anonymous said...

How do I become a member? check out my designs, www.scrapsbysteph.com