Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Freak, The Scholar, and Learning our Manners

Last night I slept so horribly.

First off Aaron sneaks into my bed about 3 am or so, which wouldn't be so bad except in his half asleep stupor he never remembers to bring his pillow, so then he "shares" my pillow all night and typically sleeps right up against me. Squished.

Then, I totally had the same dream over and over that kept waking me... about Walmart having a big sale on Gatorade and I really needed to get my coupons together cause I was going to miss the sale. I know... I'm a freak. And we don't even drink Gatorade. (Not that I wouldn't buy it anyway if it was on sale!)

So this morning the alarm goes off and I literally drag myself out of bed so I can get the kids off to school. I go into the boys room to wake up Noah, and his bed is empty. I look over and he is sitting at his desk doing his homework. This is a short week and there is no school tomorrow so he had what is usually Thursday nights homework that needed to be finished so he could turn it in today. He woke himself up early so he could get it done, and he did.

It was a happy moment for me.

And an eye opener to how much he is growing up.

AS for right now I have a very angry boy, named Aaron, who is very mad at me because I won't drop everything to go get is breakfast when he says to me, "If you don't get my breakfast right now I am going to scream at you two times." Ugh. I'm not moving till he says please, and says it nice.

Update: Approximately 5 minutes ago, Aaron came in with tears on his cheeks, and a smile on his face and said, "Mommy, can you please help me get some breakfast?" I love when he's a sweetheart.


Heather said...

The joys of four year old boys. Mine is in my bed almost every night without a pillow too. Hope Aaron stayed sweet all day!

Emi said...

LOL @ "scream TWO times"
my four year old just tries to make deals with me (watches too much TV perhaps?)
he says things like: "If you get me some milk I'll give you a free toy...." (said all sugary)

ang :o) said...

That's funny. good for you for not giving in to him!

Ali said...

Wow, Noah is so grown up you must be proud. Aaron, what a crack up! ... scream at you 2 times, hilarious. said...

Aaron is just as stubborn as his mother is. I can only imagine what it's like when I'm not home with those two, niether one wanting to give in to the other.
Noah and I talked about his homework the night before. We had a deal. If he finished most of it, dad would play x-box with him but he had to get himself out of bed in the morning and finish that homework (there were other parts of the deal, but he lived up to his side 110%).

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