Monday, October 5, 2009


This is Cruz.

Cruz is my nephew. He is so cute.. and he has refused to say my name.
Until today. When he pointed at a picture of me on my blog and said, "Mammi"

:) Yay! I'm Mammi.

On a side note... Today I went Mystic Tanning... for the first time.

I would post pictures.. but seriously, Mystic tanning makes you smell SOOOOOOOOOO bad.. I'm afraid the smell with come through the computer and knock you all out.. so I will wait till tomorrow after I've had a shower. You'll be glad I did... waited.. that is.


Alison said...

oh crap... I'm hanging out for the pics!

Anonymous said...

Those fake tans do smell! EWWWW! But anything to look good right? Hey, what is more important here? LOL