Sunday, October 4, 2009

You asked for it... you got it, baby.


My name is Camille.
I am 33 years old and I am wearing high school homecoming dresses.

And I freaking love it.

I feel like a wall flower without a date.

Kat took the pictures.

Then we talked about going out for a night on the town.. in the dresses.

I told her the dresses are only here for alterations and the owners probably wouldn't appreciate it.

((but maybe we can borrow the dresses after homecoming...))


I can't believe I didn't get asked.

Okay, technically when I WAS actually a high school student I can proudly say I went to every dance. Every single dance. I loved it. And yes, I still have all my formals.

((Hmm.. I am totally going to get them out and try them on.))

And I feel completely ripped off.. the dresses are way cuter now than when I was in high school.



I am going to this really special amazing retreat in a week. I'll be working part of the time as staff.. so I got this cool apron and an assignment to decorate it.

Yum. fun.

This is what I started with. Standard restaurant apron with the retreat logo and my name.

Here's what I did.



I love it. Kat said it reminds her of a sexy maid costume. What do you think??

The ruffles make me want to jump up and down... and when I put the apron on.. I do.

I was so excited about how it was turning out, I worked on it till 3:30 am.. and didn't even realize it had gotten late.


Done being a dork. At least for the next 8 hours. Hope you get a chance to see this cause I will most likely delete the post in the morning.

Well, maybe not.

Love you all! Thanks for the overwhelming support for my formal fetish.



Ali said...

You are freaking hilarious women. Glad to call you my best friend. It's about time you had a decent smile on your face!!! Can't believe all the ruffles... As for the 'maid's costume' look... I could comment but I wont, I'll save it for your ear instead. LOVE YOU MUCHLY!!! xox

A-me said...

if this is you being a dork I think you should do it daily! love all the cuteness this post has to offer.

beautiful! :) <3

Kristi M. said...

I totally loved this post. You are so stinkin' cute! I totally agree with todays dresses. So much cuter especially the ruffles on the second one. I also LOVE your apron. So cute and very flirty! The ruffles are great.

The Marshall Family said...

That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I would wear it even when I wasn't in the kitchen!

Anonymous said...

I will be your date!

Camille said...

Woohoo! An anonymous blind date for homecoming. yay!

Camille said...

Don't forget my corsage!

Anonymous said...
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Camille said...

Perfect! I already ordered you a giant sunflower boutonniere with the seeds intact.

Going this afternoon to Bakers to buy my satin shoes so I can have them dyed to match the dress...


What do you mean no one wears matching shoes anymore?

Camille said...
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Camille said...

Ah crap Kaley! Don't tell. lol

Jimmi&Kaley said...

my lips are sealed!!! but serious you look so great! personally i think you pulled them off better :) I won't tell if you want tell!!