Saturday, October 10, 2009

Random Pictures from my Phone

Getting the pictures off my phone is a little bit of a pain.. well it takes like 5 extra minutes.. but seriously, who can be bothered?

Here's some bits and pieces from August, September and October.


First up, The picture of Ali and I in the Seattle airport, just minutes after we finally got to meet in person. Love you Ali!

Ali again. The picture is a bit blurry, we were picking up some fresh veggies from a good friend.

Alright. Next up... I hate to claim these... but this was from about a month ago.

My family.. getting together on a Sunday afternoon, for a little after dinner fun on the deck with the mullet wig and the antique accordion.

Who knew Honher was still in business.. making accordions..

Alex and his girlfriend Cheyenne.

It's always a good day... a good day for love... when a girl gets to serenade her mullet man and his entire extended family, on the accordion.

"Hey baby, You're so sweet. Can you get me another bratwurst?"

((If they get engaged and want to use this picture for their announcements, I will totally give them the rights.))

I mean, why would they not?? It's perfect.

Next up... Jill. she wanted this picture for her profile on the singles website, Mullet Passion.

That's right guys... it could all be yours... check out

Who doesn't love a mullet baby.

On this same lovely summer afternoon of mullets and accordions... I present to you...

The Zucchini Phone.

Cruz on the zucchini phone...

And Justin on the zucchini phone.

"I told you, I paid the insurance on my beet mobile. Yes. I paid with lettuce."

That's it. Hope you enjoyed the show.

Come back again soon for more lame.

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Alison said...

oh dear!!! On a side note... far out your family produce some hotties... sheesh!