Sunday, October 18, 2009

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program..

Brave Girls Camp was amazing. Loved every minute of it. WISH I was still there.

Right now, My cute kiddos would like to go on a walk.. and after that.. I am in desperate need of a nap...

So my brave girls and boys.. you'll just have to wait. It's okay. I know you can do it.

Don't miss me too much.. I'll be back.


JANET! said...

Boo. We wanted details, like, today! :) I guess the suspense will have to build up a little longer. :(
So excited to hear about it!!!!

Alison said...

love you. glad you are home, missed talking to you. Pity I'm not home to be online... write soon xox

{connie} said...

can't wait to hear your words of this amaZing event. i can't seem to find any words to blog about it. it's just so personal, so real, so....breathe. see, i can't describe it. have a great day!