Sunday, November 7, 2010

Free Personal Shopper Services!

Christmas is right around the corner. 

Less than seven weeks away.  Forty one days to Christmas Eve to be exact...

Which equals about 984 hours till Christmas Eve
Subtract sleep at a realistic 7 hours per night, because I don't know anyone who actually gets 8 hours.

697 hours till Christmas Eve

Minus the time we take to get ready in the morning, and time to get ready for bed at night: I'll be very conservative at 1 hour total....

656 hours till Christmas Eve

Time to eat: subtract 45 minutes per day...  and unless you eat out for every meal, better include some food prep time, and clean up time....  an extra hour per day.

663.75 hours till Christmas Eve

Do you work full time?  Minus 8 hours...and 45 minutes for commute time... 5 days a week..

366.25 hours till Christmas Eve

Minus incidentals...  Grocery shopping, getting gas, errands, hair cut, doctors appointments etc. etc. 

341.75 hours till Christmas Eve

Wasted time (NOT including Facebook time!).  Because really, how often do YOU maximize every minute of every day?

300.75 hours till Christmas Eve

Religious observance... if you observe the sabbath day and do not shop... well than subtract

278 hours till Christmas Eve

House hold chores (laundry, cleaning etc.) at approx. 5 hours per week

243 hours till Christmas Eve

Quality time with family: Watching TV, talking, games, homework, etc....  at a MINIMUM of 3 hours per day:

120 hours till Christmas Eve

Holiday Planning and Decorating: Get the tree, Decorate the tree and the house, hang Christmas lights, Christmas Cards, etc. etc. etc....

96 hours till Christmas Eve

Make and deliver goodies to the neighbors etc.

80 hours till Christmas Eve (I know some of you are thinking, who cares about the freaking neighbors!  There are only 96 hours till Christmas! and you are beginning to thinking back over what else you plan on cutting)

Travel plans?  Better count 6 hours to make the actual arrangements, 8 hours to pack, and an average of 6 hours in actual travel time.

60 hours till Christmas Eve

Are you traveling for Thanksgiving too??  Uh oh..  You're in trouble..  we'll just pretend like you're not and save ourselves the stress..

Personal down time:  Girls nights/ Guys nights/ reading/ Facebook/ Blog reading and writing/ journaling/ crafting/ chatting on the phone/ tanning/ pampering...  whatever your weakness::  being very conservative at 30 minutes per day...

39.5 hours till Christmas Eve

Extra Curricular Activities: Exercises, kids sports practices etc:   For me this totals about 3.5 hours per

15 hours till Christmas Eve

Snow shoveling, emergencies, car trouble, Illness....  etc.. minus an average of 15 minutes per day.

4.75 hours till Christmas Eve

You've got just less than 7 minutes per day to buy your Christmas Presents, wrap them, and mail them.

I'm just saying...

Email me the particulars:  Age, gender and sentiment, and I will design, and customize your beautiful, meaningful, Rendi Christmas gifts, upload pictures for any picture frames (FREE of charge through Christmas!) And arrange to have the items shipped to your recipient, wrapped and including a personalized gift card.  And I'll do it for free. 

Seriously, That's like adding time to your day....  time to take a nap: How good would that feel?

Email me:  We'll talk.



BonnieRose said...

U are such a rock star... can I use this on my blog?? brilliant, I tell ya... just brilliant!! hugs

{connie} said...

thanks cam! now you really have me stressed out!! i was just thinking about how close christmas is and the time i have and now....
not so happy! jk

i love you and will be checking some of your stuff out. good luck to you and thank you!


Camille said...

Thanks Ladies! And for sure Bonnie.

Anyone who wants to act as a personal shopper and bring their own buyers can have a "party" and get hostess rewards! :)

Alison said...

I love you, you crack me up. For me... lets add in 40 hours of compulsory lectures/tutes, 5hrs per day additional study (at least) for next 3 weeks, 9 hours worth of exams, ohh you can minus the 7 hours sleep... who freaking gets 7 hours, I'm lucky to get 5 at best usually. wholly crap, I better get shopping!!!

ps. you weren't actually expecting that I would send you something before Christmas were you. I mean I do average like 6 months late or something don't I? You still love me though right??