Saturday, November 6, 2010

I am so excited...

Rendi is up and running!  Seeing as my daughter doesn't read my blog I'm posting a couple of the items I have created for her for Christmas.  :) 
I can't wait...  I hope she will love them and cherish them forever. 

Little reminder for me in there too... Style #R2070: " Style #R2070" Style #R2001: " Style #R2001" Style #R2025: " Style #R2025"

Wanna check it out:  Click here

Rendi:  Customizable home decor: Made in the USA: Shipping within 48 hours:  Beautiful

Just think of it as prepackaged homemade for the busy gift giver.  After all, You DID take the time to design and customize...



BonnieRose said...

those are awesome!!!!!! Love them!

Alison said...

Love your designs... but you spelt Mum wrong ;)

ps. love that you are blogging more. I wish I could get more than 1 comment on mine. I guess it takes time, ohh and learning to write something interesting, lol. Love you so much I couldn't put it into words xox