Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Necessity of an Art Studio.

Ahhhhhh....  My Art Studio.

(I love you Art Studio!!)

A couple weeks ago my husband was so kind as to let me commandeer the "office" and turn it into my Art Studio. 

I have been desperately in need of somewhere to create Art.  I had bits and pieces scattered all over the house.. at it was a bit unbearable for the family when I was actually working on anything.

There would be small piles of "do not touch me" everywhere...  like puddles after a rainy day.

 My studio is an eclectic mess of everything.  It's not near finished, and I expect it never will be. I have grand ideas for this space... and even grander ideas about what will come out of this room.   

This bird cage is my favorite find.  What I love best about it is the door. 

The door to my birdcage is suppose to be open to symbolize freedom from all of the things that keep us from being able... capable..  of being our best.  The door to my birdcage has strong springs, and it snaps shut when you try and open it.  


This room makes me want to create.  Even in it's partially decorated, unfinished state, I am in love. 

It's a bit of a fit for all my art supplies and sewing supplies, but I'll make SURE it works. 

BTW...  at Brave Girls October, I completely forgot to bring my apron..  So I made this new one. 
I love it...  Mostly I love the dress underneath.. 

This bust form was my grandmothers.  I suppose she didn't want the poor girl hanging around naked so this dress has always been on the bust form..  for as long as I can remember.  I'm fairly certain it was made in 1960, and if the fabric was not faded from time I would absolutely take it off the bust form and wear it.  It's a fabulous wrap dress..  Oh Love.

One of my favorite bits about this new art studio of mine are the art projects my sweet, sweet Jennica Girl keeps making and leaving behind for me.   

She makes these projects on her own.  The verse are her own.

She has an artist's heart.

This one makes me rather sad...  knowing the life lessons she is going to have to go through before she learns the truth about gates and fences. 

I wish she didn't have to learn it.

I made this truth card while thinking heavily about a couple of friends.  I most likely need to apply the words to myself, but it is so much easier to see what someone else needs,
and so frustrating knowing they don't see it...

all the while ignoring the mote..

It says:

You are not too
damaged to
 become whole.

You will heal
You are healing
right now.

You do not travel alone.

Let the door close.

The "let the door close" is the most important part.  Sometimes we know so well that something or someone is not good for us.. not doing us any favors, and holding us back from the direction we really need... and really want to go.

But it's sooo hard to close that door.  Close it and actually leave it closed. 

I always run back and open and close, and open and close, and open and close.. and then I try to just walk away...  leaving the door open -- Like that's going to actually work.

It doesn't.

Close it-
Walk away-
Never look back.

yeah, right.

Keep trying and eventually you have the courage to lock the door and throw out the key.



Jeri Lynn said...

I love this, Cam. And I love you.



BonnieRose said...

wonderful post, beautiful art, and omg.. I love your studio and your fabby apron! wow!!!! you are so loved xo I hope to see u again soon at another bgc this year.. I'm hoping I'll be asked to serve! I sooo wanna!

freetofly said...

Alison said...

I love your new studio, I love your art, I love your apron, and I love your birdcage... but most of all I love you xox

mandbrid said...

Ditto to what Alison said.

The Crowley's said...

you do great work! Take a look at this calendar and let me know if you think you could create one like it and if so how much you would charge me.


AuBien said...

Everything Alison said! Was your grandmother a sewing artist?