Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to Boulder Lake

Last week my parents and sister and I decided we would head back up to Boulder lake for one last summer trip. Usually we don't do a lot of camping without bathrooms or running water, but since this was last minute we didn't have a lot of options. Everything else was booked out.

I am so glad it worked out that way. I was expecting the area to be packed with only one week to go before school starts back up, but it was pretty empty. We pretty much had the entire camping area at the base of the reservoir to ourselves.

There were tons of ripe huckleberries all over the area. They were so good. I wanted to pick enough that I could bring some home, but we couldn't stop eating them all.

My dad is just an amazing guy to have out camping. Not only did he wire the entire camp with lights using bulbs from vehicle tail lights and a computer UPS, but he build tripods to cook with and for the baby jumper. On Sunday morning I woke up to the sound of a blower. It was my mom blow drying her hair. Keep in mind there is no running water, bathrooms, or power available in this area.

Here's breakfast the first morning. sausage, hashbrowns, fried eggs, english muffins, juice and of course huckleberries.

The camp are was very nice and level, but the dirt was very dirty dirt. If that makes any sense at all... The kids were always filthy.

On Saturday we decided to all head out and finally find Louie Lake, now that we know where it is. The hike was much easier without our packs, but a bit tough for the kids, especially Aaron. Andy and I were excited to try some fishing. As soon as we reach the lake there is a sign that says no live bait, and catch and release under 20 inches. The fish were jumping like crazy, but we didn't get so much as a nibble. We had worms and wanted to use them so bad.

Pete was driving up from Boise to meet us Saturday afternoon, so my parents, and Jill, and all the younger kids, decided to head back down to camp to meet up with him. Andy and I stayed at the lake with my nieces Sariah and Emily. When we get back to camp we find out that mom and dad, and Jill and all the kids missed a turn off in the trail and hiked quite a ways out of the way. Poor Aaron was so worn out and tired that every time they stopped to rest he would say, "You go on... just leave me here" They laid down a mat and he rested for about 5 minutes then he was good to go again.

On Sunday we tried fishing at the reservoir. There was one older gal there fishing about 50 feet from us. She was pulling the fish out of the lake like a mad women. While we sat there... not catching a thing. Her husband was down on the other side of us, and he was doing pretty well too. Finally they left and we moved to where the husband had been fishing and finally had some luck. We caught six trout in about an hour right at the end of the day. Dinner was already finished so we took the trout home and we'll have them for dinner real soon. Pan fried with butter and fresh herbs from my garden. YUM.

On Sunday night for dinner we had barbecued ribs, corn on the cob, sweet potatoes, salad, and wild huckleberry cobbler. It was fantastic.

This is how you eat corn on the cob when you have 2 missing teeth and two more loose ones.

After dinner we packed up and heading back to Boise. Jennica was stuck in the middle seat and was so tired. She wanted to lay down and so Aaron said to her, "You can lay on me Jennica." I love it when they're sweet to each other.

I love the Boulder Lake area. Can't wait to go back.


Kristi M. said...

I completely understand the dirty dirt thing. In some spots in the mountains the dirt almost looks and feels like pencil lead type dirt. What a fun time! You guys eat so good in the mountains too.

Amber H. said...

It sounds like you guys have had so much fun! I love that you have been outdoors so much, it's one of my favorite things! Oh, and Felicity eats corn like that right now too! LOL!

BigTex said...

It's a horrible place - ugly and miserable. You deffinately don't want to make it a place on your list to visit. I recommend somewhere else.
OK Fine! I can't lie. It's great and I just wanna keep it to myself. So still don't go, but know that it's a beautiful place ... that you can't visit!

Breya Fujimoto said...

Man I want to camp with your dad - you guys have quite the set-up! We love camping too. Sounds like you guys had a great time. We picked huckleberries too while we were at Redfish - they are hard to bring home, you just eat them til they're gone!!

@my said...

that looks like a fun time...I especially loved all the pics!

Craig and Stacy said...

I am jelous, how fun. I love camping and we haven't made it out much this summer. Looks like you all had a great time.

Jesse Edwards said...

hmmm. I've never been there, looks like fun though, but maybe only if your dad can rig some electricity for me. :) Those huckleberries look delicious!!!

The Scrapbooking Factory said...

The first time reading this: "but he build tripods to cook with and for the baby jumper" I was so hoping the baby jumper wasnt over the fire! Then I saw the pictures!