Monday, August 25, 2008

The happiest day of the year.

Yes, I am so over being one of those moms who cries on the first day of school.

Sure I will miss Noah and Jennica while they are gone, but they were definitely ready to go back, and I was more that ready to send them back. It's been a very long summer what with everything... Our days lacked structure because I never did keep my act together for more than just a couple weeks at a time.

I just feel back for Aaron. With his late birthday he doesn't start kindergarten till 2010, and he is SOOOO ready right now. He was looking for his backpack this morning so he could go to school too.
Noah and Jennica were so excited we had to leave for the bus stop 10 minutes early... Why? So we could stand around an extra 10 minutes and wait for the bus or course!

With the kids good friend and neighbor who starts kindergarten this year. He's been looking forward to this day for years. It just killed him to see Jennica and Noah leave for school the past couple years without him.

It's going to be a great year. I can feel it!


Zoe said...

Awwww Mine go back on Tuesday it will be Aydins first year and I have Ceyda left behind! She will be upset the first few days I'm sure! I wouldnt feel bad about the lack of structure I think we all have "days" in the summer even if your super mom! lol

Kristi M. said...

Yeah! School is here. Us moms can go shopping in the day to nearly empty stores, and the roads won't be packed with high school students during the day. I just love it! Your kids are so cute and do looked thrilled to be back.

BTW, how do you make a stuffed zuchini?

Alison said...

Oh Cami they look so cute. I can't believe how grown up Jen is starting to look. Emi's two bottom front teeth are getting really wobbly so she's gonna lose them soon, I think that makes the girls look a bit older.