Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back in the Saddle, Again..

Well before we get into that, lets deal with Valentines.

Andy made reservation for dinner a few weeks ago. First he called PF Changs... "Would you like to eat at 4:30 or 9 pm??" yeah, never mind. So then we called Macaroni Grill. It is, after all, where Andy and I went on our first date. "6:00? yeah we can do that."

Fast forward to last Monday... and I'm thinking I better get a babysitter lined up for Saturday. So what do I do? I totally updated my Facebook profile to saying I needed a babysitter. What happened? Absolutely nothing. Dang. I was really hoping that would work. As I get going on my week and kind of every day in the back of my mind is this "You still need a babysitter" voice annoying the heck out of me. So on Saturday, V-day, zero countdown, I'm getting pretty desperate, so I posted on my Facebook profile, "Camille STILL REALLY needs a babysitter." and again. Nada. I don't know where all my young Facebook freinds were... probably out babysitting for the good wives who actually picked up the phone and called. Well that's just crappy.

So we decide rather than blow off dinner and stay home to eat mac and cheese we'll bring the kids with us. After all, they have been practicing their manners at school for their big annual valentines day lunch. And how did it go? Brilliant. I mean it. Fan . tas . tic. The kids were wonderful. Noah even sat waiting with his salad because Jennica and Aaron had not ordered a salad and "you're not suppose to eat till everyone has their food." No spilled drinks. No fits, no screaming. Afterwards Andy and I even talked about bringing them with us every valentines to dinner. It was kind of nice to celebrate with them, and it gives them a chance to show how well behaved they can be at a nice restaurant.

We took some pictures. The pics I was in came out horrible. I mean bad. So I did a google image search on "beautiful couples at dinner," thinking I'll just find someone who looks like me and post that instead. Surprisingly though, the search results I got, well, lets just say some of those people should have used my picture.... So I photoshopped. Gotta love Photoshop.

Some of you might remember back this last spring when I was weighing in at about 155 post pregnancy and desperate to lose the weight? I wanted to get back to my 132 prepreg weight. that was my goal. Well I reached that goal quite a while ago, but frustratingly, I'm still about a THREE pant sizes larger than my prepreg size. TOTALLY annoying, totally. So I'm still working out and trying to get back into shape. I'd been doing pretty good, till this weekend.


I decided on Monday I am ripping off the feed bag, and getting back in the saddle... But today is still Sunday (at least it was when I started typing) and so I better finish off the Cherry Crisp dessert. Don't want to be tempted tomorrow you know..

Yeah, so what if there was too much to put on a plate so I brought the entire pan in and gorged myself of crumb topping, cherry pie filling and sugar cookie crust. I can literally feel the fat cells adhering themselves to my flabby bits. Enjoy that mental image.

Crap, I just remembered there are gourmet chocolates in the kitchen... I think I'll put them in the freezer for my next splurge.


Emi said...

you didn't save me any of that?
now you know why I didn't volunteer to babysit.

Damaris said...

Wow...that must have been really yummy...even the crumbs speak to By the way...forgot to tell you that I LOVE that red wall. Fantastic background for those great plates.

Kristi M. said...

What a fun night! We danced at Ono's Hawaiian Cafe Friday and they had 50 reservations that night. On Saturday they had 90 reservations! Most places were packed. Glad that you were still able to get out. Even if it was with your super cute kids.

mandbrid said...

I love that you took your kids with you...I like to make my kids Valentine's day special too. You look super great - BTW.

Dee Dee said...

Ripping off the feedbag made me laugh out loud. :)