Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I am SOOOO Full of Pride, and Proud of it.

So a few months ago at church we had a big discussion about pride and how sometimes when we use the word pride we really mean we are "happy" or "full of joy" over someones accomplishments or what not. So I've been trying to make a conscience effort to really say what I mean... where I would have said "I'm so proud of..." I'm trying to think about how I really feel, happy? grateful? excited?

But today, I'm think I'm feeling all of those things.

I am very proud, happy, excited, grateful, and overjoyed because of what Aaron has done.

Yesterday Noah and Jennica were doing their homework, so we told Aaron he had to do his homework too. He said he didn't have any homework, and I told him he needed to practice writing his name. He said okay and got a piece of paper. Andy and I both asked if he needed help and he said no. Then he brings us this:

(Insert angels singing)

A beautiful letter A! and he made it all by himself, without any help. Woohoo!

So then I wrote out his whole name for him to practice. He needed a little help with pointing out what letter comes next, but he did about 90% of the writing all on his own. This is the first time he has ever written his name.

I'm so proud of him!


Damaris said...

CONGRatulations!!!!! wHOO HOOO!!!

Dee Dee said...

Aww congrats to him! It's such a big step!