Saturday, February 14, 2009

How Good Lookin, Whatcha got Cookin?

Of Course, I'm talking about my kitchen. It's coming along nicely. I love the red.

(Although I am already second guessing myself and wondering why I didn't paint the walls a dark bluish green, which is really my favorite color... but I think I will save that color for my bedroom or master bath... I just get so anxious about putting bold colors on my walls. I need to be more daring.)

I love the way the plates and vase worked out. I am not a big fan of "plant shelves" mostly because I am not a big fan or house plants. Over the years I have had house plants.. They usually look beautiful when people give them to me but after about 6 months, of irregular watering and dust they start to look pretty bad... The leaves protest and fall off, spiders make them their home and they are just an eyesore and a nuisance. It's usually at this point that I have company coming over or something and I'm too embarrassed by the sad plants and move them to the garage... and then I leave them there till they finally convert their last molecule of carbon dioxide to oxygen and I can dump the dirt in my "garden" (which is a whole nuther' story of sad). And then when I have finally purged my home of house plants someone inevitably gives me a new one... which I perch on my precarious plant stand and hope someone will knock it over.. I currently have 3 house plants who want out just as much as I do. One of them is relatively new so it still looks nice. We'll see how long that lasts.

This is my beautiful curtain. I wanted a black shear with velvet pinstripes, but I couldn't find any fabric like that. So the lady at the fabric store recommended using velvet ribbon and sewing it on. Brilliant. I love how it turned out, which is much better than this picture looks. The view outside the window is atrocious... maybe this year will be the year I finally get my brick patio.

Yesterday my sister Jill came over and our kids made these cute valentines banners with us. They were fun and easy to make.

Here's my little entry table. I hung the mirror and found this great lantern. It makes me really happy to see my home kind of coming together with some kind of design style.

The other day I found this great mirror at TJ Maxx. It's so awesome, and huge and heavy and just gorgeous. I've been looking for a large mirror like this forever and could never find one that was an acceptable price... this one was just $49!! I mean, are you kidding me? What a great deal. I still need to hang it. It's going to go above the piano horizontally.

(Do you see the plant? It still looks alright, but it's getting very dusty.)

Well that's about it. Welcome into my home. Hope you enjoyed your stay.

Update: Seriously, 30 seconds after I posted this a plant got knocked over. Yes! One down 2 to go..)


Emi said...

well now I know what to send you for your birthday.
(and seriously, when we lived in Minnesota I had a spider plant that REFUSED to die. I finally had to throw it away when we moved to D.C. its probably sprouting spider babies in the landfill)

A-me said...

LOVE the red paint in the kitchen.. makes the plates really pop against it.

I think I might need to be a little less bold in the paint department. Someone told me it looked like a package of skittles threw up in my house... pretty sure that's not a good thing.

Ann said...

I love love love the entry table. I'm about to move into an empty house (THANK GOODNESS!) to start trying to decorate and I'm going to quickly realize that I don't have any personal style at all. Maybe you'll let me borrow some of yours? Pretty please?

Heather Carringer Lemon said...

I have to say the entry table is my favorite, but I LOVE everything. I can't believe that huge mirror was only $49! And I was waiting to see your curtains they turned out great.

Kristi M. said...

Seriously that mirror was only $49!!! Holy Smokes. I need to go there more. I tend to stay on the west side of Nampa now. I need to get over there more. I really love the plates too.

Kris said...

Your kitchen looks fantastic! Love the red!

Shawna said...

I, too, hate plant shelves for the same reason. I have had alot of time to think about alternate ways to use plant shelves. If you want more information, you will have to call me. (Such a teaser, but I haven't talked to you in soooo long, I think I forgot what your voice sounds like! Yeah, so it is a boldly desperate move, but I am pretty sure it will work;))

Damaris said...

I LOVE that mirror. Can't wait to see it hanging.

mandbrid said...

Everything looks great Camille! I love the red wall with the plates especially. I'm at such a loss figuring out what to do with my plant shelves - on no budget and while renting....augh!
Oh, BTW our house just sold! YAY!
AND our landlords dropped our rent just because they are awesome people that way. Crazy, eh?