Wednesday, February 25, 2009



Okay here's the deal. My friend Awesome Emi is giving away an unknown prize from the As Seen On TV store. It totally want to win. Totally.

So please... follow this link... and post comments requesting that another entry be made in my name, Camille McClelland, on your behalf.

Do not enter for yourself! Only for me!!

I will be watching.

Thank you!!!! You are so wonderful, and awesome, and cool, and probably beautiful (or handsome) and thin and SOOOOOOO SO SO SO very attractive for doing this for me.


Amanda said...

Cheaters never prosper.

Emi said...

oh wow Camille.

:kind of makes an awesome emi proud: next time, I'm going in the pineapple maze with you

Camille said...

Amanda... You're just jealous you didn't think of it first!

Heather Carringer Lemon said...

I agree with Amanda. And I totally voted for myself yesterday already.

Jesse Edwards said...

I'm going to enter! just kidding! good luck!

Damaris said...

Ok..Ok...I will so do this for you....just because you said I was thin....LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL.