Friday, February 6, 2009

Noah's New Glasses

Last December the school nurse called me to inform me that Noah might be in need of glasses. When Noah got home from school he told me the same thing... "I need to get glasses."

I thought Noah was just fine with the idea of glasses, he actually sounded a bit excited. Then a few weeks later, before I had made the appointment with the eye doctor, he starts asking me questions as I'm tucking him to bed at night. He was very concerned about kids making fun of him. I did my best to reassure him that he would look handsome, and that if anyone said anything to tease him he should just joke about it and after a couple days the novelty would wear off and the teasing would stop... but more than likely, being in the third grade and all, people would think it was cool. He was feeling much better, but still a little leery.

So we go to the eye doctor and sure enough, he does need glasses. We looked over the frames and picked these cute... oh I guess I better say cool not cute... blue and black frames. A week later the glasses were ready and we went and picked them up.

I could tell Noah was a little worried about school the next day, but he was handling it like a trooper and ready to face the challenge. When he got home from school I asked him how it went and he said some of the kids from his class didn't recognize hm and they thought he was a new kid. He loved it that he had a secret identity. No teasing at all. People thought he was cool. Yeah! That makes me happy.

Without further adiou, here's the cutie, er I mean handsome boy. He looks much better when I don't ask him to smile. ha ha.

As for the big break in blog posts... I've been painting my kitchen. It was a lovely cream color, but a bit boring. Anyway, I've been painting and decorating, and taking loads of pictures. When I went to upload them from my camera there was a problem with the picture files and they would not load. Errr... totally annoying. I did a quick search to see if I could find a decent picture of my "before" kitchen and the only one I found was one the kids took of me while I was washing dished one day. It's a horrid picture of my rear end, and there is absolutely no way any of you will ever see it. :)
I'll take more picture as I finish up, I just need to make a change to the curtains, and wait for a few items I ordered to arrive by mail, and then I'll take new pictures and post again. For now though, here's a picture of the window in the dining room. I had to take the picture at night or the contrast was to high, hence the black window. I stole the picture shelf idea from my friend Amanda. I'm not thrilled with the pictures of myself or Andy.. they just look too posed next to the kids candid shots... so I'll end up changing those out. My sister Jill made the family block letters. I love them.
Can't wait to show you the rest of the kitchen...