Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Bullet Jacket

For Christmas Noah got this really cool new coat. It's a black bomber style jacket. He really liked it, but then he's only worn it to school once of twice. I thought it was because the new jacket doesn't have a hood and his old jacket does, so he's warmer in his old jacket. So this morning, while walking with Noah to the bus stop I asked him about it.

me: Why don't you ever wear your new black jacket to school?

Noah: It keeps me too hot. But I'll wear it when you take me hunting.

(What?? Seriously we don't hunt. My husband would like to be a hunter, but his one and only hunting trip involves parking the truck under an apple tree, staying up late telling ghost stories with his hunting buddy... Then about midnight packing up the entire camp in about 30 seconds flat and driving down to the ranger station and sleeping in the parking lot under the brightest street light. I'd give you all the details, but Andy reads my blog sometimes and might be a little embarressed. All in all, it's more than I can say, I've never been hunting at all, nor have I had the desire to go.)

me: When we take you hunting.... Why do you want to wear the jacket hunting?

Noah: Because, remember, it has those three bullet things on the sleeve so I carry three bullets.

The next part ws a little sad as I gently had to break it to Noah that he would probably never get to carry bullets in the sleeve of his jacket. Poor child. I think he's feeling a bit ripped off now.


ahalversen (DBA) said...

Oh my gosh, that is too hilarious! I'm also curious as to the rest of the story about the hunting. It sounds like a good one :o)

Kindall Klan said...

ohhhhhh! That's so sweet, poor thing! I love hearing stories from children's perspectives! I wonder how long he's been dreaming about the day when he'd get to carry bullets on his sleeve? What a boy! I love it!

Shelley said...

I'm very curious about the hunting story too...

You can always stick 3 pens/pencils in those pockets instead and tell him that jacket is perfect for that. :)

Kristi said...

Great idea Shelley! That is too funny Cam.

Scrapmymemories said...

OMG I nearly fell off my chair! That is just too cute!
Poor Kid! LOL

kat said...

oooooh. poor little noah...that is really cute though. precious even.