Friday, April 18, 2008

Noah's Cub Scout Plant

A few weeks ago Noah brings home the standard cup full of dirt from Cub Scounts. With a great deal of enthusiasum, he tells us it's mint seeds he planted and he's going to water them and when they grow we can put them in the garden! And oh yeah, "Mom, What is mint anyway?"
It only took a few days for Aaron to help Noah out by taking the cup out in the backyard. Now, I didn't see what happened, but when I caught him with the cup the dirt was, um, mixed with top soil from the back yard.
Noah was so excited about his little plant, especially when it started to spout that I couldn't just throw it out, even though I'm pretty sure Aaron somehow switched out Noah's mint seeds, that he so lovingly planted, with some weeds and grass seeds in the back yard.
Honestly, I'm surprised there is anything growing in the cup at all. It's been over watered, underwatered by Jennica and Aaron, and knocked to the ground by the cat so many times...
So now I have this lovely cup of weeds growing on my kitchen window sill, that I'm probably going to have to transplant into my garden in order to keep Noah from being to upset with Aaron. Aaron looks up to his big brother so much , and just can't help touching and "helping" with anything Noah's got going on... Especially, if Noah isn't around.


Kristi said...

That is definately not mint! :) That is great. At least something is growing, right?

Jesse Edwards said...

mmmm yeah, not mint. looks like grass! But at least they get to watch something grow!

AuBien said...

I have one of these on my kitchen counter right this minute.