Monday, April 21, 2008

Karate, and riding a two wheeler

On Friday, Noah and Jennica had their first day of Karate class. They were so good!

Jennica was a little worried about going. She was so sure she wouldn't like it, but once class started she was such a master! She naturally has no reservation when it comes to yelling and screaming, so the whole thing was very comfortable to her. She had the biggest smile on all through her class. Of course afterwards, in typical Jennica fashion, she tells me she didn't like it that much.

The instructor looks like he's about 17 yrs old, but he was mentioning how his little girl is beginning to walk, and I got he impression he wasn't a 17 yr old father. He's a really nice guy, and really good with kids.

Noah was a little more reserved in his class. He's much more laid back than Jennica and a lot more casual. His class was also larger. I bet once he gets a little more comfortable with things he'll be yelling and completely confident.

When we got home, and all weekend long, the kids were practicing everything they could remember. They have class again today (Monday) and can't wait.
I didn't get a picture of Aaron, but he was so cute. He insisted on not sitting by me, but sitting by himself a good distance away from my reach. He kept getting up and standing on the edge of the practice mat and repeating what the instructor said and did. You could hear him over there going, "Hi-ya!" and "Yes sir!" It was really cute.

We've been working (on the warm days) on getting Jennica comfortable without training wheels. So far all we had done was raised her training wheels so she wobbled a bit more and and have to balance a bit.

On Saturday afternoon she took it upon herself to try Noahs bike out, without training wheels. When Andy went out to check on her she just said, "Look dad!" and rode down the driveway, over to the neighboors and back! Woohoo! I guess maybe we sould have taken the training wheels off sooner. She's a pro! I'm so proud.

Aaron has just learned to ride a big bike with training wheels this year, and he loves it!


Jesse Edwards said...

so cute!!! And yeah for Jennica! That's fantastic!

Kristi said...

Karate looks like so much fun. I remembermy brother tried it out when he was little. Not sure why he didn't keep doing it. If she sticks with it, she will be one tough girl. No one will want to cross her path.

ahalversen (DBA) said...

How fun! I love Karate in the sense that it teaches them SO much more than just the actual moves. The self esteem, respect, and all the other lessons are awesome. I'm glad they liked it so much :o) And hooray for Jennica being able to ride with no trainers! Felicity still isn't there because we've never had a smooth surface to teach her on. I guess we'll just have to do it on gravel!

mandbrid said...

They look so cute in their Karate outfits...awwww!

Shelley said...

I'm sure they'll love it, it's a great outlet.

Little Aaron looked sooooooooo cute!