Sunday, April 20, 2008

I have a confession... Dandillions are not my favorite flower.

So it all started when Noah was a toddler. Noah loved to pick flowers for me. It didn't matter if he was picking them from our flower beds, or the neighbors flower beds.

Our old house in Meridian had a bad dandillion problem in the front yard. We tried about everything to get rid of them. I would spend hours weeding out the roots... we'd try lawn weed killers, and special fertilizers and still had hords of dandillions. So when Noah started picking flowers, I had told him I loved dandillions, but didn't like all the other flowers. Really I just didn't want the dandillions to go to seed, and I wanted to keep my other flowers in the ground.

So now I have THREE kids who all believe dandillions are my favorite flower. The dandillions have started to bloom so now everytime the kids play outside this is what I get. Handfuls of dandillion heads, that I have to hang onto for at least a bit so I don't hurt any feelings by throwing them away. Lucky for me, they rarely pick them with stems long enough to actually put in water so I don't have to do that.

Since we've moved, our current lawn doesn't have many dandillions at all, which doesn't stop my kids from picking them out of all the neighboors yards and bringing them to me.

I suppose it's better than telling them I love tulips or daffodils. That would be bad news if they were picking all my lovely flowers... and all my neighboors lovely flowers and bringing them to me. So dandillions it is.

Shhhhh... don't tell the kids.


mandbrid said...

Awesome Cam! I've been getting a few of those too...the kids have been walking around with yellow noses from the pollen.

Jesse Edwards said...

that is awesome! Love that idea of getting your kids to pick the dandelions! You know, martha stewart cultivates them for cooking. I wanted to write in and say "no need, I have enough let me ship them to you for free!"

ahalversen (DBA) said...

LOL! What a strategist you are :o) I totally remember picking the weeds with the small yellow flowers on the top for my mom when I was young. To think now about how awful her allergies are, it must have killed her to put them in a little vase on the table to please me! I bet your neighbors are happy for the help with the picking :o)

Dee Dee said...

You can't imagine how funny this was to me. :) I get them brought home too.

Shelley said...

This is too funny! I never like them either...I love orchids. I bought a few of those last month to put in my room.