Thursday, January 8, 2009

For my dear husband....

This Saturday is Andy and my 12th wedding anniversary.

Wow. IT just struck me how long 12 years is. That's how long it takes to get from first grade to high school graduation. Wow time flies. It seems like it wasn't all that long ago that I graduated from high school. (probably due the amount of time I've been spending on facebook chatting with all my old friends, but I digress...) Twelve years! It didn't seem like that long.

I guess you could say twelve years ago when we got married it was like we were little kindergartners... and that would be a pretty accurate comparison to were our level of love, commitment, and dedication was. We were so naive. I remember a couple months into our marriage driving home from work and being so mad because I just knew Andy was probably at home making dinner, what nerve! I'm not even sure I can figure out why I was so irritated that he would be cooking for me, but now I look back and just have to laugh! Shoot! Maybe if I had been a bit more appreciative he'd still be doing the cooking? (Actually, he still does quite a bit of cooking, because he's just a good man.) and I suppose now, at 12 years, it's like we're finally ready to graduate from learning how to be married. That's scary, because I remember graduating from high school and thinking I had it all figured out... life that is. So I suppose I'm kidding myself if I think I have marriage all figured out now. I am just excited. Over the past twelve years I have come to really feel so grateful for my husband. He is amazing, and a perfect match for me. I could not have married a better man.

My friend, Kristi, tagged me a few days ago. I thought I would wait till now to post, in recognition of 12 years.

1. Where did you meet your husband?
At a wedding. I had just moved to Texas 4 days before hand. I had just moved in with my sister, who was a newlywed and expecting her first baby. My sister's, sister in law, was kind enough to help me meet people since I didn't know anyone except her, my new brother in law, and my sister. We were going to a party after the wedding. Andy says he knew, as soon as he met me.

2. How long did you date before you got married?
for the first six months we knew each other I was still bound and determined that I was not getting married, but waiting for a missionary. I could tell he was serious about me, so I dated as many other people as I could trying not to get too involved with him. t didn't work for very long. Andy was just so much fun to be with, and I felt good when I was with him. He also made me feel like the most beautiful, and important, person in his life.

3. How long have you been married?
11 years, 11 months, and 29 days...

4. What does he do that surprises you?
He still thinks I'm hot. Let me tell you... I've seen me naked, and so that's pretty surprising!

5. What is your favorite feature of his?
Andy has kind blue eyes, and great thick hair. He has an amazing voice and can really sing.

6. What is his best quality?
He is so willing to serve others. All the time. It doesn't matter who, what when or where, if someone asks him for help he's there. Once he even left home about 11 pm and drove about 9 hours round trip to help a family we go to church with who had broken down... and still got up and went to work the next day. I don't even know how many people he has helped to move, or shoveled the snow off their walks. I could go on and on...

7. Does he have a nickname for you?
Hey stupid head. Just kidding. We don' really have nicknames for each other.

8. What is his favorite food?
Hmmmmm.... there is a lot to choose from. He loves fish.. but it has to be big fish with easy to find bones. He likes trout too, but doesn't like searching his food for hidden daggers of pain before he eats. He also really likes fettuccine Alfredo, taco's, tater tot casserole, mashed potato/baked bean/hot dog casserole.. Does not like onions, spinach, or asparagus...

9. What is his favorite sport?
hands down.. basketball.

10. When and where did you first kiss?
He likes to tell people it was at the Mustangs of Los Colinas.. in fact he even took me back there and proposed to me there, sighting it as the place we first kissed, but in reality it was outside this guy named Patrick M.'s apartment. Patrick hated Andy after that and they never spoke again... Not due to Andy, Patrick liked me and thought Andy wrecked his chances or something... Patrick was a bit of a looser...

11. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? What we do most often is watch movies together, but we also love playing cards, and love getting together with other couples.

12. Do you have any children?
Four... Noah- 9 , Jennica-6, Aaron- 4, Vincent- stillborn, would be 5 months

13. Does he have any hidden talents?
He can instill great self worth in others. I would be nothing without him because I never would have thought I was good enough to ever try my hand at anything. Andy makes me who I am by making me feel like I can do anything, accomplish anything, be anything. More than that, he expects I'll be great,and he expects anything I do will end up magnificent. You have no idea how much power and influence that has unless someone has ever felt that way about you. He makes me feel like there is no one more talented than I am in the entire world. I know better... but I'm not sure he does.

14. How old is he?
Going on 35.

15. Who said I love you first?
I honestly don't remember. He will probably say he was.

16. What is his favorite music?
He use to like the cure, but now I'm not so sure. We both like Peter Brienholt's music, and Evanescence, country, I'm pretty sure he likes most of the music on my blog because he set up the house sound system so I could plug my computer into it and broadcast all over the house. (but that might just be because he loves me and knows I like the music so he tolerates it for me.. and sings along. Wouldn't surprise me if that was the case..)

17. What do you admire most about him?
His love of the savior, desire to do what is right, and how hard he works to provide for his family so I can stay home with our children.

18. What is his favorite color?
orange, green, yellow.... anything LOUD. The last couple t-shirts he bought were bright shades of orange. He could go direct traffic, and no one would know he wasn't suppose to be there.

19. Will he read this?
Yeah. Eventually. I don't think he has time to read my blog every day.

20. I tag Ali, Shawna, Emi and Amanda... (If you don't have a blog (Ali) then you can post in on your facebook. :)

Happy anniversary honey!


Melanie: said...

Happy Anniversary!

mandbrid said...

Happy Anniversay! I'm so glad you have eachother. This was a really sweet post...made me tear up. Hope you have a great celebration.

AMY said...

Happy Anniversary you two!!! I remember you guys when you were just dating!!! It has been a long time. I was a teenager back then:)

Congrats!! And I loved all the facts about Andy!

Lizzy said...

Ok, you brought me to tears . . . the way you talked about everything was just so sweet and sincere . . . it makes me so happy when I hear other people are so happy . . . Maybe that's weird, but it's true :)

Emi said...

Congratulations. wow! time flies. I just realized it'll be 10 for me in June. Wow, I've been out of college that long? holy smokes! We're old!

BigTex said...

Let me correct/clearify some things said in this post (and yeah, I'll get to see it "eventually")
1. Dec 29, 1995 - Jared & Faith wedding. I had a kiddie type crush on her friend and so when I saw her come in I paid attention. Camille walked in right behind her and I leaned over and told my brother I would date that girl by mid-Jan. After the party that night I told my brother (who was on the phone with his fiance) that I just met the girl I would marry.
4. Can't say on a public forum
5. See 4 - nah, my hair is thining and my eyes are the same color as the whole families (including hers)
6. Service is a very big deal to me. Give to others is a commandment and since I have no $$ to give - service.
8. Did you see the pics of me. I LIKE FOOD! There are some I prefer over other, but that statement is true. And being married to her is good, cause she's a good cook (finally).
9. I actually like Volleyball better than basketball, but it's not a "man's" sport so I don't get to play it very often - like since we moved from Texas.
10. She is correct, but going to Patrick's house to propose just wasn't gonna happen.
11. See 4. - nah, anything together. Cards, movies at home, whatever. I just like to be around that beautiful gal.
13. Can't say, they haven't been found yet.
14. 34 going on 60.
15. I actually think it was you. I think it was just understood from me, so I waited till you said it so I would be allowed to say it without scaring you off.
16. Yeah, I just did that for you. There is some OK stuff on there, but I like making you happy. The CURE is still the best thing ever!
18. Always been Blue. I just like to be annoying with those other colors.
19. Eventually. I can't believe it.
Just a few, but they needed additional info.
LOVE YOU BABE! You are my world!

Shawna said...

I hate tags, but I did it anyway!! Thank you for the fantastic inspiration!

Kristie Wright said...

Cam! I am so glad I actually got this tag and was able to tag you! I love the idea of having to talk about my husband! :o) You did a fabulous job! You and Andy are just a cute couple! congrats on making it 12 happy years! Andy, nice job with editing! lol... Hope you had a happy anniversary also... BTW... Andy, If you want a tip for a FABULOUS PLACE FOR FISH... call us, we will double, (its here in Nampa! and so very yummy!)
Hugs, Me!

Amanda said...

That was so fun to read. What a great couple you two make. It was great to meet Andy in person the other night. I liked him right away. He reminds me a lot of my DH. Ok, I'll do this too on my Making Dinner Sucks blog. But give me a few days...

Dustin & Jenn Hamann said...

All of that was really nice and so sweet! I didn't know ya'll meet so soon after you moved here and hello of course you are a hottie!!! You are so funny about that, you look great and I don't see you naked. I am sorry I don't check this out more, it just seiously took up so much time just reading everyones new daily posts. I don't think Andy is the only one that thinks your work is amazing, you do everything pretty perfectly. Happy Ann. to both of ya'll!