Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Fountain of Youth

Tonight I was driving carpool for Jennica's dance class. It was just Jennica and her friend in the car. I wasn't paying attention to their conversation, but, well... here's how it went.

Jennica: Mom, When is your birthday?

Me: Au--

Jennica: I mean when is it suppose to be?

Me: ...ummm August 28th.

Jennica (to her friend): My moms birthday is suppose to be August 28th, but she doesn't have birthdays anymore.

Friend: She doesn't have birthdays?

Jennica: No, we just buy her presents and have cake and ice cream, but that's it.

So apparently I can stop counting years. I need to ask Jennica exactly when I stopped having birthdays, because if it was in the last 3 years I will be a very happy 20 something again.


Amber H. said...

That's too funny. I seriously wonder at the thoughts my kids come up with and why. Too cute :o)

Craig and Stacy said...

I love it... Camdyn's new nickname for me is"skinnybutt" I wish it was true but it is somewhat motivating, and makes me smile.

Stine66 said...

FUNNY !! Great conversation - it is so FUN sometimes to find out what the children are thinking !

Amanda said...

I love to ask Roman how old I am because he always comes up with a number less than 10. It's great.

Amanda said...

I was just looking at my yearbook and Jennica looks just like your freshman picture.