Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Today I thought I would blog about the projects I've been messing with the last couple days. These are all new craft ideas and new techniques, so there isn't anything real impressive, but I'm sharing anyway.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures. It has been overcast and foggy so the lighting has not been ideal for pictures.

First up, I was joking around with my friend, Emi, on Facebook the other day. Trying to guess what the acronym FBTF in her profile update was suppose to stand for.

Here's what she had written:

Emi is jonesing for some FBTF.

I'm thinking, "that's got to be Fancy Button Time Fun..." I mean, really, what else makes sense?? Well, I was wrong, but I decided to have a little fancy button time fun myself... cause we all need a little bit of that. My friend, Wendy, makes the most amazing Button Bouquets. I tried my hand at them... Not anywhere as good as Wendy's, but I think it's cute.

BTW, FBTF actually stood for Fruit by the Foot. Hey, did you know you can design your own custom fruit by the foot pattern and special order it? I know what to get Emi for her birthday...

Okay, next project...

I wanted some pictures for my sewing area. I saw some at Joann's that I liked, but they were $14.00... seriously folks, I HATE to pay money for decorative items. I just hate it. So there was no way I was paying $14.00! Are they crazy?? I have to admit, the one at Joann's was better than this first one I made. But I had fun, and mine were FREE. (You need to go back and read that last sentence and sing the word "free".)

I wish I could take credit for the drawing on this next one, but honestly, I just traced the pattern. This is the coat I want to make that I was talking about a few posts back. I'm thinking I'm going to use the black and white woven fabric. I didn't even consider this fabric at first, but then my sis in law, who always stays on top of the latest trends, was wearing a gorgeous coat made from this same fabric and I had a "ding, ding, ding" moment.

Now I suppose I need to get around to actually making the jacket.... :)


Emi said...

Glad I could be of service/inspiration. And I do like Fancy buttons....almost as much as Fruit by the foot

Kristi M. said...

A jacket in the black and white print would be awesome. Great pictures and FREE is always the best.

Craig and Stacy said...

No wonder there are a ton of people walking around feeling "craft inadequate" it is people like YOU with all of the great ideas that make the rest of us look slighlty craft competent( oh yea I am totally not spell checking this SORRY:)Oh Carole had her baby,,, she blessed HIM? the first of this year, we should all try to get together again soon

Amanda said...

That jacket is awesome. It has a place for buttons and you could stick a roll of Fruit by the Foot in the one of the pockets. Love the fabric. And just so you know, I don't have a problem paying for decorative items (just ask the associates at Target), so if you ever see something you like, let me know and I'll buy it for you for your birthday or just because you're cool.