Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm So Glad Aaron Isn't Old Enough to be Embarrassed About This.

My kids are forever doing embarrassing things, but I don't get to blog about it... Here's how it usually goes.

(I think it will be okay to blog about this if I don't include pictures.) Due to staying up late for the new year, and all the other late nights due to the holidays and family get togethers etc, on January 2nd, Noah was so confused with his sleep schedule that at 1 am I was sitting in the office on the computer, and I hear one of the kids walk by... Then I hear all this noise in the kitchen. It was Noah, getting himself a bowl a cereal and eating it. It took several minutes to convince him it was not anywhere near morning... What finally did it was taking a look outside... at the pitch black outside. Anyway, I got my camera and wanted to take a picture of him eating breakfast with the black windows behind him. He wouldn't let me take it, but I finally got one. He could not go back to sleep until I promised him I would not put the picture on my "web site". He was very concerned about me embarrassing him.

Back to today:

I should really start at the beginning..

Aaron has been fighting a bit of a cold, and so sometime last night he snuck into our bed. Not that a cold has anything to do with him ending up in our bed... most nights he gets cold and sneaks into our room. He figured out long ago that if he wakes us up getting into bed then we will send him back to his room, but if he carefully sneaks into bed and falls asleep we're not going to wake him up to make him go back to his bed. He's so good that I usually do not know he's in our bed till morning.

This morning at about 9am (shameful, I know) He says to me, "Mommy! Get out of the bed!"

So I asked why.

And he says "Cause I just pee'd!"


Aaron has been potty trained for a very long time, and it's a rare event for him to have an accident, so I wasn't upset at him.

He went to get in the tub, while I was pulling the bedding off to wash. When he got out I was still getting things taken care of, so Jennica was helping him get a towel and then pick out clothes.

I couldn't figure what they were doing in the bedroom so I went to check it out.

Of course, the tie is the most important part of your wardrobe. It should be picked out first. After he finished getting dressed, Jennica wanted to take some pictures of his finished ensemble. They decided on the blue tie to match the blue (a-hem) T-shirt.

I was not in the room when the pictures were being taken. When I downloaded the pics tonight there were these cute animal washcloth puppet show pictures. I had to include them for your viewing enjoyment.

When Andy got home from work the kids were all over at the neighbors playing. We called them home for dinner and as soon as Aaron stepped into the house Andy tells Aaron to go over into the light so he can take his pictures so mom can blog about his outfit. Andy had no idea about the events leading up to the outfit. Aaron was laughing his head off at all the attention, expect for this moment when he decided to scratch his head.

Yeah, he really did spend all day playing at the neighbors house like this. I'm not sure how, that tie is way to small and tight on his neck. The neighbors are use to it. Gotta love the apron. And there isn't a speck of snow outside.

Oh my word, I love my kids.


Amber H. said...

WAY too cute :o)

BigTex said...

You don't normally notice him in the bed till morning cause he's busy sticking a toe in my ..., or slapping me in the face as he turns, or one leg in - one leg out turning and taking all the covers off me so I freeze (he learned it from mom). Then when dad gets up, he gets cold again and has to move over to mom for warmth. I'm just too tired to realize that I will get more sleep if I get up for a minute and take him back to his own bed.

Kristi M. said...

Pretty cute!

Amanda said...

You had me at "I peed." I couldn't stop laughing after that. Aaron is adorable. Thanks for sharing this story.

Emi said...

Such a classy little fellow with his little tie

Kristie Wright said...

too cute! lol reminds me of the summer that Jeffery wore his rainboots... THE ENTIRE SUMMER!!! lol... until there was a hole in the bottom. I had to convince him that putting carboard in the bottom and duct tape would not fix them! lol... toooo cute! lol... Your boys sound like as much fun as mine!