Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Okay, so since I have a bit of free time right now before I start making albums again I went to the fabric store and bought some patterns. I REALLY have been wanting to make a nice winter coat, that I can wear when I'm dressed nice. Right now, I have a nice white ski jacket that I wear about 99% of the time, and a really awesome Walls western riding coat. My Walls coat is so warm and fantastic, but it's designed for like ranch work, so it's really casual. I don't have anything really suitable to wear when I'm dressed up.

So I buy a few patterns at the fabric store and come home and the fabric I wanted to use is a gorgeous wool herringbone I got from my grandma. It's vintage and just beautiful! I wasn't sure if I would have enough fabric... it was going to be close, but then as I start laying it out I notice the wool has some moth holes. Not many, but enough that I know I won't be able to squeeze the coat pattern out of it. So I'm a little annoyed already. I can't find anything else I'd like to use, except a really gorgeous rusty red velvet... and frankly I know myself well enough to know I wouldn't wear a coat that color enough to justify making one.

So instead I pull out some brown tweed suiting and decide to just make a fitted, lined, cropped suit jacket. So I get started. There are a lot of pieces, and it's time consuming. (I am using a pattern.) I know my way around a sewing machine. I enjoy sewing... when I have time, and fact is, I'm a pretty good seamstress (hence the decision to make a coat rather than just go buy one...) Last fall I picked up an account as seamstress for a large professional dance studio in Boise. I handled all the costume alterations for the elite dance team. So, anyway, I'm making this jacket, it's taken several days, it's basically finished now, and I hate it.

I am so annoyed. I get so frustrated with myself when I make something and it does not turn out. I need to do something with this jacket to make it workable because right now I am seriously annoyed. when I put it on, I look like a freakin'... errrr.. I don't know, but I just don't like it.

If I can't get it transformed into a likable state, then it will be available at the local DI real soon.

I'm sorry this post is really stupid. I just wanted to VENT.

I am so annoyed right now.


Emi said...

sorry to hear that. doesn't that suck when you dedicate so much time to something you think blows? Not "fun".

Ali said...

sorry your jacket didn't turn out. Lucky your so darn gorgeous you can just get around in the nicky-noo-nah... ohh yeah, you wanted it because it's cold. Oh well, lucky you're so Smokin HOT! okay, well I tried, love ya xox

Amber H. said...

I totally understand! There have been so many times where I spent hours and hours on something and then it doesn't turn out! I remember the first time I made a quilt. I swear I threw it in the garbage about 20 times before I finished. It's so frustrating! Sorry! I wish you would have put a picture on though so we could see it :o)