Monday, May 12, 2008

It ends today.

Here is my finished acrylic dress album, and matching baby blanket.

I think they are beautiful, but no one else seems too! This is the second time I've listing them on ebay. The auctions close in 7 hours and there are still no bids.

Selling handmade items on eBay is such an emotional challange. For me, if I make something I think is wonderful and then no one bids, then I second guess myself and wonder if I'm really any good at all.

Paper peicing and scrapbooking on ebay is so competative, and there are so many absolutely amazing artists out there. I feel lucky just to be amoung them.

I'd feel even better if someone would bid on my listings. :)

Click here to go to my Hand Chenilled Eleanor Roosevelt baby blanket listing.

Click here to go to my Acrylic Dress Album listing.

I am also now taking orders for unfinished dress shaped albums. They come with 4 pages for $19.99 plus shipping. If you're interested please send me an email at

I am also in the process of cutting a mushroom shaped album for a client. She is going to use it to make a gnome album. I love the idea and I hope she will send me pictures when it's complete. It sounds like it will be such a cute album.


Shelley said...

This is an amazing album! Don't second guess yourself, your work is absolutely beautiful!

Kristi said...

Your works is AMAZING!! I love it but don't hav any little girls. I am in love with that blanket!

Kindall Klan said...

well, I for one love them! No doubting yourself!!!! It's not allowed :)

Kristine said...

I think this album is beautiful!! You are right, there is just so much competition, and only so many buyers. Try to remember that when you second guess yourself! Keep smiling :)

ahalversen (DBA) said...

I totally know how you feel about thinking something is great, and then when it doesn't get bids, it makes you second guess yourself! I have to tell you though, I think these are some of the most beautiful projects you have ever put together. THey are WONDERFUL! Did you try listing in the featured section? I just listed a layout there, and found that the listing fee is only 10 dollars! Yay! Anyway, I would totally buy these from you if I could afford it! I love them! Good luck and I'm sure you just need to find the right buyer, they are amazing.

Jesse Edwards said...

I think both are totally cute! I'm amazed that you can do it!!!!! So creative!

Dee Dee said...

Cam, I feel the same way about something not selling. I start wondering if I should be doing this at all. But it's more likely the right buyer just wasn't there at the right time. There is such a brief window to advertise our stuff, and to have to compete and make sure you have all the right keywords. It's a lot to overcome to sell anything!

I think your album and blanket were both lovely and unique.