Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial day and the garden

We started out memorial day wanting to get corn planted in our garden.

Okay, so maybe WE is an overstatement. I wanted to get corn planted in my garden, and Andy and the kids were willing to help.

Right after breakfast I said to Noah, "Who will help me plant the corn?"
His reply was, "not I"

Then I said, "Who will help me EAT the corn?"
His reply, "I will!"

"But you did not help me plant the corn, or weed the corn or water the corn!"

Shortly after we all headed outside to plant the corn.

So this is what the backyard looked like about 2 months ago when we first started. Our intention is to lay a brick patio where the trampoline is now, from the retaining wall back to the house.. But we haven't gotten around to forking out the $500+ it's going to take to buy all the bricks.

Look at all those lovely weeds! The back yard was driving me crazy. WE completely let it get out of hand all of last year, so we have big deep roots and lots of them..

Here are the pictures I took this morning. Andy took the trampoline net off because the stitching around the edges was starting to come undone and we had big gaping holes where the net was not attached to the springs. It wasn't safe for the kids. My corn seeds are planted in the area under the trampoline. We also have about 8 tomato plants, a couple bell pepper, basil, rosemary, watermelon, cucumbers, and a zucchini, I think... maybe pumpkin? I'm not completely sure.

I planted a bunch of seeds about a month and a half ago, but it was still too cold. Non of the seeds came up, so I started to replant... then all of a sudden a bunch of the seeds I first planted started to pop up. Problem is I had forgotten what I planted where, so I'm not entirely sure what I have growing. I planted green beans too, but those seeds haven't come up yet. I hope they do, I LOVE fresh green beans.

This lovely pile of rocks are all the rocks we pulled out of the soil when we tilled the ground. Isn't that crazy? You can see the pile in the above picture behind the trampoline.

This is the brick patio Andy and I layed a few weeks ago. I hadn't posted pictures of it so I thought I'd add them in here, even though they are completely irrelevant to the garden or memorial day.

We had decided we were going to do something fun with the kids in the afternoon. We thought about going up in the mountains and doing some hiking and cooking hot dogs over a fire or something. I also wanted to visit Vincents grave. Finally we decided on a really great park near the cemetery. It's right on the edge of the foothills so we could still do some hiking on the trails there. We opted to just pack a picnic, instead of trying to make a fire and cook.

The cemetery and park are close to Eagle were my parents live. It's about a 45 minute drive from our house. When we first started out it was so sunny and warm. Beautiful weather for a picnic. Andy commented that it looked like there were clouds over Eagle and he hoped it didn't start raining. I was very doubtful we would get rain, and even if we did, I figured it would be a quick little rain fall and then the sun would be out again. So we kept driving. Here's the view about 10 minutes later... I took lots of pictures for my friend Ali so she would know I didn't just wimp out on the hiking. :)

And here's the view about 10 more minutes later...

Here's a soaked biker who got stuck in the rain. It was really coming down. Everyone all at once now...
"Awwwww, poor guy!"
Next we have pictures of all of us it the truck. we're still on our way to the park. They have well covered picnic tables, and I figured we'd eat and wait for the rain to pass and then the kids could still play.
I can't stand my profile, I look like an old women and my fat makes me look fat, but I'm posting anyway..

Noah.. sorry buddy, it's a bad picture, but I only took one, and I can't leave him out.

We got to the park and it was still coming down. It had let up a bit, but there was quite a bit of lightning. We got out and unloaded the picnic, sat down and decided it was too cold. The temperature had probably dropped into the low 60's. So we all loaded up in the truck and decided to drive to my parents house and have our picnic in their kitchen.

When we got there mom and dad had just left to pick up a video. Al was there. He's standing behind Andy playing with Aaron. Can you see Aaron's little legs hanging in the air?

I can't believe I forget to take pictures of our lovely kitchen table picnic.

After we finished eating we sat around talking to my parents and brother for a while. Then Andy and Al went off to look for more motorcycles. Andy wants a motorcycle so bad. Gas is getting so expensive and Andy drives a full size pick up. We figured he'll be able to save about $1500 in gas (at current gas prices) over the summer by getting a bike. We've been looking for the right deal, but haven't found it quite yet.

Here's Andy sitting on Al's bike.

Aaron climbed up on the back and, as you can see, he can't wait for dad to get a bike either.
When we got ready to leave I took this picture of my parents driveway. It was still raining pretty good. The rain was so distracting I didn't realize till we got home that we forgot to stop by Vincent's grave. I feel so bad. It's memorial day, and we didn't visit the baby.

I need to head back out there soon.


Alison said...

Hey Sweetie. Thanks for all the great pics, it makes me almost feel homesick for a place I haven't been, that just doesn't make sense. It looks like a lovely day anyway. I love thunderstorms, I love the way the rain cleans everything and makes it look new. The grass looks greener, cars look clean...

Miss you, keep posting. I love that you write on here so much!!!

Kristi said...

I understand all of your descriptions completely. We too were headed to Star/Eagle towards the cemetary and Jeff's moms house. I spotted the clouds and told Jeff that they did not look like good news. The rain was so hard and it did get cold quickly.

Your weed free space looks great. What a lot of work! Incredible! And your garden will be up in no time. Check craigslist frequently for bricks. We have friends that got a killer deal on a ton of them.
Don't feel so bad about little Vincent. With weather like that, everyone was having a hard time remembering where too go next. :)

Jesse Edwards said...

I've had to catch up on your blog! But I have to admit you had me laughing How fun to have your garden in your trampoline!!! And about visiting Vincent...luckily there is always a tomorrow.

kat said...

you are the only person i know that takes ALMOST as many pictures as i do...love that...and its a good thing to cause its the only way i ever get to keep up with your pretty little family...

Dee Dee said...

I love that you made a day of it despite the rain. :) You're a sweet Momma.