Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I've done it.

This is the dress set I purchased to wear to my brothers wedding. I bought it on a Saturday and wore it to a meeting the following day. Two days later was when I found out I lost the baby. I didn't wear the dress to the wedding. It made me look like I was still pregnant, and I was having a hard enough time already.

I listed all of my maternity clothes on eBay.

I haven't yet decided for sure if I'm going to try and have another baby. I kind of want to, just because this wasn't how I expected my pregnancy to end. I was so looking forward to having a baby again, as much hard work as it can be.

I do feel like our family is complete with 4 children, even though only three are living, but I can't get past feeling like I want and need a little baby.

Everyone keeps telling me I don't have to decide right now, and so I'm going to go with that.

I just had to sell the maternity clothes though. It's too hard to see them. If I do decide to have another babyI'm going to be scared enough of loosing it, and I don't want to wear maternity clothes that are only going to remind me...

So I'm selling them. They are all relatively new since I decided not to get out ANY of my old maternity clothes from previous pregnancies because they were just ugly. Hopefully the auctions will do well. I need to go shopping. I'm still carrying 20 extra pounds so I don't have very many clothes that fit. Really, I need to start excercising and loose the weight, but shopping just sounds like so much more fun.


Kristi said...

You will have to come to Caldwell and hold your sister's baby lots! I don't blame you for wanting to sell off your clothes. Money for new clothes is always funner (is that a word) anyway.

mandbrid said...

You should go shopping Cam! Here's to hoping you make lots of money on ebay for a shopping spree...!