Thursday, June 26, 2008

Congratulations Rick!

On Tuesday, July 11th, My Father in Law Rick had his IBM retirement dinner at Reata Restaurant in Fort Worth.

It's this really high class restaurant that serves western/ Texas style "wagon train" food. I had buffalo, and it was FAN-TASTIC. They also make this chocolate bread pudding in a tamale served with carmel ice cream. Doesn't sound all that great, but it was really amazing. We also had this appetizer called "Calf Fries". The waiter described it as this, "there's the sirloin, and the tenderloin... well, this is the LOIN, loin... if you catch my drift."

The two lovely ladies in the center are Rick's boss and supervisor.


Anonymous said...

Seriously what is Rachel doing???
Jenni from the hood

mandbrid said...

So did you eat the calf fries?