Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Fort Worth Zoo

At the Zoo I did not take any pictures of animals because who wants to look at animals panting in the shade.

It was really hot the first day we were there and the humidity was just thick and heavy. I don't know what we were thinking heading off to the zoo before our bodies had a chance to acclimate.

Lunch time! A shaded pavilion with ceiling fans. Fantastic.

Three is actually a komodo dragon under all those kids. Who knew they could be so docile.

Sierra and Preston making out with the large lizard. Yummy.

The zoo, for some reason, has a "wild west" town area. Not sure what it's there for except to maybe get more gift shops, restaurants and ice cream parlors into the zoo.

Aaron is the same size as the swanson's hawk... or was it the peregrine falcon?

Afterwards we went for ice cream, then home to shower for the retirement dinner.


Amy Pennington said...

that was such a fun trip....and you are so right about the texas wild exhibit...all about the wild west towns for more stores. too bad we didn't stop for the texas weather get rained on!

Anonymous said...

I had a sweaty blast with the kids!!!
Jenni from the hood

mandbrid said...

these pics look so great! i love pics from the zoo...

ahalversen (DBA) said...

I love going to the zoo! I'm glad you had fun with the kids even though it was hot!