Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fort Worth Water Gardens and Billy Bob's

Fort Worth has this really amazing park with 5 or 6 different architectural water features. The last time we were in Texas, in 2005, several tourists had just died here, and it had been closed until just a few weeks before we arrived this trip. People are not suppose to actually get into the water, but they had to make a lot of changes so that when people did get in, they would not drowned.

Noah was at cub scout day camp with his cousin, so you won't see him in any pictures.

The water use to run all the way round this bowl shaped water fall. It was really cool to walk down into the center had the water rushing all around you. Now it only comes down on one side.

This next area is down below street level. Water runs down all the walls in a courtyard full of trees and a large shallow pool. It's my favorite spot.

After we left the water gardens we grabbed some lunch and then headed over to Billy Bob's Texas. Billy Bob's is the worlds largest honky tonk bar in the world. It use to actually be livestock stockyards. Then during WWII they manufactured airplane stuff there. Later it was turned into a department store, and then it became Billy Bobs. The interior of the building is about 3 acres, and has a capacity of 6,028 people at any one time.

We went at about 2:00 in the afternoon so it was really empty and a pretty safe environment for the kids. The bars were open, but we didn't see anyone ordering or drinking. We'll probably wait until the kids are grown up to tell them we took them to a bar.

Firs we went to the indoor bull riding arena. There were no bulls but the kids really liked seeing it anyway.

Then we headed down to the dance floor. The kids had a blast on the cool air conditioned dance floor after being out in the heat for so long.

Notice the famous sequined saddle disco light. Every inch of this real saddle is covered with tiny mirrors and it rotates above the dance floor like a disco ball.

Gotta love Billy Bob's.


Amy Pennington said...

great pic of the disco saddle!
did you see nay bums at the water gardens? I thought your pics came out great.

mandbrid said...

I love the pic of you and the kids with the water in the background...

ahalversen (DBA) said...

That water place looks so cool! I would totally love that! You got some really fun pictures too!

savannah said...

Hi i am making a website and including the water gardens i need pictures that are not copy written and wanted to know if i could have permission to use the pictures on your site email me back thank you