Friday, June 6, 2008

Down days and up days.

We all have them, right.

Yesterday and today are down days.

We're leaving for Texas next week. Yesterday, after trying on my swimsuits, I acutally did an internet search on, "swimsuits for fat women." I found lot of great sites about accepting your body the way it is... but what if I don't want to?

One of the websites was for before and after beach pictures on an Oprah show. Gotta tell you, the new swimsuits didn't make the big women look any less big. It made me feel there was no hope. I mean if Oprah, with all her resources, can't magically turn these women into size two's then who can! I realized I didn't really want a fabulous new swimsuit to accentuate my positives and minimize my negatives, but I wanted someone to just sell me a new size 2 body, and I wanted to find it on sale or clearance. THAT would make for a really great day!

I'm planning on going shopping this afternoon, it will be an 'up' day if I can find some cute red board shorts. Then I will feel much more comfortable in my swimsuit and better about my body.

If you know of any really great stores to shop for swim gear please let me know!