Thursday, June 26, 2008

Horseback Riding at 7R Ranch

Out at 7R they have horses available for the residents to ride. They were great horses. I felt bad for them because it was just so dang hot.

There were three horses, and about 18 riders... Here's Noah baking in the heat, and waiting for his turn.

The ranch's insurance required that all riders be at least 8 years old. That excluded Jennica and Aaron from ridding. Jennica opted to stay back at camp and make windsocks out of toilet paper rolls with Aunt Symony and the other younger kids.

Aaron wanted to come see the horses. As we were walking through the barn, there was a saddle someone had left on the ground. Aaron was so excited, and he just ran over and climbed on.

Noah was pretty brave when his turn to ride came along. The horses were so docile and good, but they were hot and tired. They didn't respond well to the kids reining them, because for the most part, the kids didn't know how to properly rein, and so the horses just got fed up and stopped 'listening'. With most of the younger kids if someone didn't lead the horses they would just go straight to the fence and stand there wanting to go back to the barn.

Noah was riding Tomahawk. He was such a good horse that you didn't need a lead rope you just had to walk in front of him and he'd follow you around like a puppy.

Here's me leading Tomahawk with Noah ridding and Uncle Marty leading Bob, the horse, with his daughter Emma riding.

Then is was my turn. I got to ride Tomahawk too. I would have liked to have taken him out of the corral and run him through the trees and shade, but alas, since it was my first ride at 7R there was no leaving the corral.

Clearly my whole diet plan hasn't been working all that well, and the poor horse is suffering for it.

Andy's mom, Anne, went for a ride on Tomahawk too.

Then Andy had a go.

Andy looks pretty good, but that poor horse looks so worn out. He's just glistening with sweat.

I hope they got sugar cubes when we were done with them.


Anonymous said...

I am telling you...big earings makes your head smaller, big purse makes your rump look smaller, just like a big horse head makes your head look smaller. I am just glad Dustin is taller than me so he is bigger in at least one way. he he he
Jenni from the hood

ahalversen (DBA) said...

I love horseback riding! Just not in super hot weather! I'm glad you all had fun though, and don't worry! The weight will come off in no time :o)