Thursday, June 26, 2008

Look out Texas, Here we come!

I know, I'm late posting. I decided to post all my pictures for the whole trip today, so there is a lot to look at.

Starting off with our flights down. Aaron was so cute. We had a really fun time traveling together. He behaved himself so well on the plane in during our long 4 hour layover in SLC. He had this little bee movie toy and a toy airplane that he carried with him everywhere. Our flights were uneventful and pretty smooth.

We arrived in Dallas at about 10:00 pm. Andy's mom Anne, and his sister Jenn picked up up at the airport. when I saw them waiting for us outside the security area I said to Aaron, "whose that?" and pointed. He says, "I don't know??" There was a gal that over heard us and just started laughing. It had only been about 6 months since we had last seen Andy's parents, but to Aaron's credit, Anne had lost about 40 lbs in those 6 months. Way to go Anne!

Andy, Noah, and Jennica were flying a different airline so they didn't get in, and make it back to the house till about 1 am.

We stayed with Andy's sister Bonnie and her family. The kids had so much fun and it was way better than being at a hotel.

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