Saturday, June 28, 2008


I am signed up for google ads on my blog. How it works is ads are places on my blog that related to the words in my posts. For example when I was pregnant, I always had pregnancy related posts, and pregnancy related ads. Today I just happened to notice the ad, and this is what it said:

Huge selection, great deals on Camille items.

I'm imagining little bobble head dolls with my head on them, and keychains, plates with my face and blog address printed on... That would just be great! I think I'll make some of these items and use them for blog giveaways. Sweet.


Today Andy and I were cleaning the garage and we found this old girls bike basket. Andy was messing with the kids by trying to attach it to his motorcycle. Then we decided it would be so awsome if we could get it on our neighbors motocycle...

...He's a motorcylce police officer.

So we peek over and their garage is open and no one is outside.


So we snuck over and put it on, and then snuck back home and got the camera.. then snuck back over and took pictures.

Here's now cool my neighboor is... He comes out and sees the basket and gets a bunch of snacks and puts them in! Then he calls us and tells the kids thank you, he's been looking for something to carry snacks and candy in. (I think he thought the kids put it on his bike, not Andy and I.) Hehe..

Aaron has a new key phrase that we're all using now. It's this:

"Snap it out" with an emphasis on the 'p'.

Nobody knows what it means, but it's fun to say.

Snap it out...


Craig and Stacy said...

I want a bobblehead, it would be fun to collect all my friends in bobble heads, or maybe dinner plates they would be a great conversational piece.


ahalversen (DBA) said...

Oh my gosh, that is too funny! Especially that he is keeping it on his bike...for now anyway! Fun! I wouldn't mind a Cam bobble head either...let me know where I can get one! LOL!

Kristi said...

That motorcycle thing is so funny and he was such a great sport about it. His reaction was perfect.

Jesse Edwards said...

how funny would that be to see him riding around on his motorcycle, pulling someone over!!! how funny!

Anonymous said...

Husband here!
I have to admit "Snap It Out" is fun to say, and he is very cute when he says it too. He gets all giggly when you say it to him and then he'll say it back at you. Fun Fun Fun!

Anonymous said...

I could listen to Aaron all day, he is so stink'in cute. And I LOVE that phrase I am so going to use it with the kids and sound so now!
Jenni from the hood
still practicing - enwedvo