Thursday, June 26, 2008

How Does Your Garden Grow?

When I got back from Texas I was so anxious to see my garden, and how much it had grown. I couldn't believe how great it looked!

Yeah okay, so this is not MY garden. Would it have been great if it was? I wouldn't have even minded if it came without the migrant workers. I would have taken it anyway.

Sadly, this is what I cam home to instead.

Little plants and weeds.

Here's my corn. Most of the plants are still small and hard to see. The weeds don't help much. There are actually 4 rows, but I only photographed two. I love fresh corn. I really hope these are good producers. Last time I tried planting corn some kind of fungus got to it and destroyed all the ears before they had a chance to ripen.

Here's my covered rows I mentioned a few posts back. The weeds are pushing up the fabric.
I suppose it's mostly my fault. Last year I did not plant a garden and we didn't have the money to convert this area to a brick patio and planted berm like we had originally planned, so I just let the weeds grow. And grow. And grow. Till they were about 6 feet tall and thick, thick, thick. It took 5 large barrel sized trash bags to get ride of all the weeds once I finally got around to weeding. The weeds had all gone to seed last summer so when I tilled the garden this year, I'm sure I just mixed all those seeds right into the ground, and they just smiled up and me and said, Why, thank you".
Here is the after shot. It took about 4 hours to weed, and filled an entire trash can. The can was so heavy it took everything I had to drag it off of the lawn. It's still siting right there in the middle of the garden.

At least my plants look bigger.

Each of my plants needs it's own little angel to lean over it, and whisper, "grow".


Anonymous said...

Your garden is bigger than my garden...

Jenni from the hood

Kristi said...

I love how the plastic is a complete bubble. Probably a little greenhouse for the weeds underneath. It then looks so much more relaxed when you finished weeding. It looks great. You did so much work. Now your plants don't need to compete with the weeds.

ahalversen (DBA) said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe those weeds! Yikes! YOu might try the miracle grow fertilizer and the kind you spray through the the hose...our neighbor uses that stuff and his plants are HUGE! Good luck!