Monday, June 2, 2008


My kids have gotten into this bad habit of talking about their bottums and what comes out of them a bit too often. Andy and I have really been getting on them about it, because we really don't think it's appropriate. Not that "butt," and "poo" are really all that bad, but it is for a 3, 5, and 8 yr old. If I allow them to use language like that now, who knows what they will be saying when they get a little older.

Anyway, Saturday Noah and Jennica were playing with the neighboor and I heard Noah say the word, "butt." I didn't hear what he said, but I called him over and asked him. He wouldn't tell me at first, because he knew he was in trouble. After a bit I got him to tell me what he said by threatening him that he would have to sit in time out till he told me.

Based on his comments I sent him to time out for 30 minutes... That's WAY longer than we have ever sent anyone to timeout before.

Andy had been on the phone so after he got off he came upstairs and asked me if I was sure 30 minutes was appropriate, it seemed a little excessive for just saying, "butt."

I gave him a 'yeah, I think so' look and told him what Noah really said:

"I'm going to eat your butt like a spider monkey"

Yes, that's right...
When Andy finally stopped laughing and was able to contain himself he went back downstairs and told Noah, "Yeah, I agree with mom, 30 minutes is appropriate Noah."


Scrapmymemories said...

Isnt parenting so much fun!!!!
That was very very funny!

ahalversen (DBA) said...

Oh my word! Yes, I think your punishment is so appropriate given the situation. Wow! We aren't even allowed to say "butt" in our house, much less many other words like "stupid" etc. etc. I guess I'm a little more anal than most, but if it's a word I don't like to hear, I don't want to hear it coming out of my kids mouth either! I hope their potty mouths can clear up! :o) Good luck!

Kristi said...

Now that is quite funny! Not a good thing but funny. And then to scroll down and see that monkey just did it for me. Sometimes you wonder what kids are really thinking when they say things like that.

mandbrid said...


Heather said...

I'm relieved to know that I'm not the only one dealing with this issue! If ours get on a kick we make them go sit in the bathroom with the door shut until they've gotten those words out of their system. I love your new blog header. The gnome is fantastic!

The Scrapbook Exchange said...

Oh that made me chuckle out loud! My boys are 7 & 9. They are not allowed to say butt, call people stupid or dumb, say shut up, or say the word fart, or EVER say Oh My Gd. It is hard when they are school aged, because these words are freely used by a lot of other kids. Time outs have never really worked for my kids- but a wet wipe in the mouth to wash the potty talk away worked well.

Where on earth did he come up with eat your butt like a spider monkey? Discovery Kids? LOL!